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Shatter-resistant CFLs These shatter-resistant, safety-coated CFLs are offered in all popular models. UL-EPH classified and NSF-certified, the lamps feature an outer plastic coating that provides a protective safety envelope for glass tubing, mercury, and phosphors in the event they are accidentally broken.Shat-R-ShieldCircle Solar-powered luminaire This area lighting system

Shatter-resistant CFLs

These shatter-resistant, safety-coated CFLs are offered in all popular models. UL-EPH classified and NSF-certified, the lamps feature an outer plastic coating that provides a protective safety envelope for glass tubing, mercury, and phosphors in the event they are accidentally broken.
Circle 200

Solar-powered luminaire

This area lighting system is comprised of LED bulbs and solar panels, making it independent of the electric grid. Designed to perform well in cold temperatures, the luminaire's solar panels are also designed to shed snow. In addition, the company's SO-Bright Technology manages brightness and adapts to low power conditions.
SolarOne Solutions
Circle 201

Arc flash software

Arc Flash Analytic (AFA) V3.0 software determines arcing current; incident energy; flash protection boundary; limited, restricted, and prohibited shock approach boundaries; initial arc pressure; arc TNT equivalent; risk category; and typical clothing system. Able to perform analysis using metric or imperial units, users can create customized color or black-and-white warning labels in English, French, and Spanish. Reference data listings for most typical configurations and detailed procedures for IEEE 1584-based arc flash calculations are available through a calculator-style interface.
Circle 202

Construction software

Construction Communicator Web-based construction management software is designed to help manage requests for information (RFIs), shop drawing submittals, architects' supplemental instructions (ASIs), change order requests (CORs), contractor payment applications (G702/G703), and similar communications. With the optional ScheduleCom feature, users can view the complete schedule as well as critical path activities and summary tasks, and apply other scheduling filters.
Richard Sampson Associates
Circle 203

Voltage monitor

The ICM492 digital line voltage monitor continuously checks incoming line voltage for faults and displays RMS voltage on its backlit digital display. Adjustable over- and undervoltage settings establish the boundaries for safe operation of equipment, and response time on the fault condition can be fine-tuned to help reduce nuisance trips. Additional features include an adjustable anti-short-cycle time delay, universal line voltage input, and heavy-duty SPDT relay output.
ICM Controls
Circle 204

Distribution transformers

These 15kVA through 75kVA unshielded general-purpose distribution transformers are compatible with the company's ET Series of shielded low-voltage dry-type distribution transformers in most applications. NEMA TP-1 compliant, product features include a UL Class 220°C insulation system; terminal board connections and spacious wiring compartments; stainless steel enclosures; and single- and 3-phase availability.
Circle 205

Integrated power center

The Square D IpaCS commercial tenant metering integrated power center (IPC) allows users to accurately track energy usage for individual tenants. Suitable for use in strip malls, condominiums, and commercial office buildings, the product includes a Square D I-LINE panelboard with four, eight, 12, or 16 circuit breakers feeding tenant spaces, all of which are monitored by one Square D PowerLogic multi-point meter. Revenue-grade energy consumption is captured by the meter and then downloaded to a local PC or Web-hosted facility.
Schneider Electric
Circle 206

Cable tester

The MicroMapper Pro VDV cable tester features a one-button “Quick Check” test that the company says reduces installation time and callbacks. Quick Check runs a full wiremap test for twisted-pair cabling that shows the type of fault plus the distance to the fault. According to the company, the tester eliminates the need for adapters when testing twisted-pair and coax (F) cables. Analog toning is also included.
Fluke Networks
Circle 207

Occupancy sensor

The OSFHU fixture-mounted high-bay occupancy sensor is designed for high ceiling applications. The sensor comes with three interchangeable lenses for use in either a 360° high-bay or 360° low-bay general area or aisle way to provide coverage of up 40-ft mounting heights. In addition, a model is available for cold-storage applications with temperatures as low as -40°F.
Circle 208

Coordination panels

These fused selective coordination panels meet NEC 2008 requirements. According to the company, use of its Amp-Trap 2000 fuses provides a higher short circuit current rating (SCCR) compared to that of a typical circuit breaker. UL67-listed, the panelboards use the company's CC Ultrasafe fuse holders with easy-to-see blown fuse indicators. Featuring 100A, 200A, or 300A copper main bus, the panels accommodate 12 to 42 circuits.
Ferraz Shawmut
Circle 209

Fireproof enclosures

These fireproof enclosures offer flame protection up to 90 min. in accordance with DIN 4102 Part 12, depending on the model, and ingress protection to IP 54 or IP 66. In addition, the enclosures feature halogen-free duroplastic construction that the company says eliminates the potential for metal-induced short circuits. Available in a range of sizes with 3-pole, 5-pole, or 8-pole terminal blocks, the products incorporate flexible wiring, are self-extinguishing, and can be lead sealed. External mounting options include standard fastening kits or stainless steel dowels to withstand corrosive environments. Accessories include suitable blanking plugs and adapters.
Circle 210

Reversing contactor

Designed for 3-phase AC motors up to 4kW/5 hp in size, the Contactron 4-in-1 solid-state reversing contactor provides forward, reverse, overload protection, and redundant emergency stop contactor functionality in a 22.5-mm-wide module. The product's compact size reduces the necessary DIN rail space by up to 75%, according to the company. Rated for safety Category 3, SIL 3, and ATEX zone 2, the unit's life expectancy is 10 times longer than traditional electromechanical contactors, according to the company. Other features include integrated input/output surge protection circuits, 16 separate motor overload settings, and remote indication of motor status.
Phoenix Contact
Circle 211

DC solar plant

This 200A DC solar system features a Cordex DC controller, 1.8kW Cordex rectifiers designed for 120/240VAC input, one battery string with 100Ah of energy storage, and an Apollo T80 MPPT charge controller. The system accepts 4kW of PV input power on the single charge controller. With 120VAC input, the rectifier bank can be powered by a small, energy-efficient generator with no loss of charging capability. Additionally, rectifiers can be hot-swapped, and rectifier and inverter capacity can be expanded if load requirements increase.
Alpha Energy
Circle 212


This 800kW trailer-mounted diesel gen-set features the company's QSK23-G7 engine. In addition, the company says the gen-set offers larger fuel capacity, allowing it to run at full load 6 hr to 18 hr longer than comparable gen-sets. Other features include higher fuel storage safety with a 110% fluid containment system and emissions that meet Tier 2 emission requirements. Measuring 30 ft long, the unit includes a cooling system that allows it to operate in temperatures up to 122°F.
Cummins Power Generation
Circle 213

Industrial cable

The Royal industrial cable product line has been expanded to include tray cable (THHN/PVC), SOOW control cable, and Triangle brand bare copper wire. The Type TC power and control cable is 600V cable constructed with THHN/THWN (14 AWG and larger) or TFFN (16 AWG) conductors that are cabled together with fillers as required and covered with suitable binder tape as needed. An outer jacket of PVC protects the cable assembly against damage. The SOOW multi-conductor general-purpose control cables are suitable for use in water, oil, and chemical exposure. Solid and stranded bare copper conductors are available in sizes 14 AWG to 4/0.
Coleman Cable
Circle 214

Molded cordsets

M23 Powerfast connectors can be completely shielded by connecting a braided shield directly to the coupling nuts. In addition, the 6-pin and 8-pin connectors are rated for 600V and 30A. The cordsets use PVC jacket material and are rated for use with cable tray/exposed run applications. All connectors provide IEC IP 67 protection. Available styles include male or female, straight, and right angle connectors; standard and custom lengths; and pigtails or extensions.
Circle 215

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