Product News 2, May 2010

Laser distance meter The DT300 laser distance meter measures distances, computes area and volume, and measures angles with one-button, point-and-shoot convenience. Even in glare conditions, the meter's bright laser and large, backlit, 3-line display enable users to measure targets up to 164 ft (50 m) away with 0.06 in. (1.5 mm) accuracy, according to the company. Featuring a dustproof and water-resistant

Laser distance meter

The DT300 laser distance meter measures distances, computes area and volume, and measures angles with one-button, point-and-shoot convenience. Even in glare conditions, the meter's bright laser and large, backlit, 3-line display enable users to measure targets up to 164 ft (50 m) away with 0.06 in. (1.5 mm) accuracy, according to the company. Featuring a dustproof and water-resistant design (IP54-rated), product functions include: min/max readings; indirect Pythagorean calculations from two or three other measurements; 20 reading memory; easy addition and subtraction; and auto-off. CE approved, it comes with batteries and carrying case.
Extech Instruments
Circle 200

Circuit breakers

The UT 6-TMC M Series is a resettable, single-pole circuit breaker with screw connection. According to the company, tripped circuit breakers are clearly indicated and can be reset with the press of a button. Available in 11 graded steps for nominal currents from 0.5A to 16A, the product features two bridge shafts. In addition, it measures 12.33 mm wide, occupying 30% less space than conventional 17.5-mm circuit breakers.
Phoenix Contact
Circle 201

Cable tester

The VDV Pro cable tester features a bright backlit full dot-matrix screen that is easy to read in dark wiring closets and is viewable in extreme low-light environments, according to the company. Ergonomically designed for handheld orientation, the tester incorporates an integrated RJ11/12 (voice), RJ45 (data), and coax F-Connector (video) that interfaces directly into the top of the unit. Accessories enable the product to also support BNC and RCA connectors, and an integrated tone generator offers four unique analog tones to locate and isolate wire pairs in VDV testing. In addition to the main unit, the device can support up to eight remotes.
Ideal Industries
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These 32W T8 1-lamp and 2-lamp ballasts are fully interoperable with the company's SIMPLY5 digital controls for a broad selection of Lithonia Lighting, Gotham Lighting, Peerless Lighting, and Mark Architectural Lighting luminaires. In addition, the smart dimming ballasts feature seven preset levels from 100% to 3% as well as RELOC plug-and-play wiring.
Synergy Lighting Controls
Circle 203

Cord grips

These stainless steel and nickel-plated aluminum cord grips terminate flexible metallic electrical cable either at a conduit hub or a knockout to provide a seal against water and other contaminants. Available with or without strain reliefs, the cord grips are offered in four designs: stainless steel straight cord grips with hub sizes from ⅜ in. to 2 in. (NPT); stainless steel straight cord grips with hub sizes from ⅜ in. to 1 in. (NPT), with stainless steel wire mesh strain relief; nickel-plated aluminum straight cord grips with hub sizes from ⅜ in. to 2 in. (NPT); and nickel-plated aluminum straight cord grips with hub sizes ⅜ in. to 1 in. (NPT), with stainless steel wire mesh strain relief.
Circle 204

Video inspection system

The Seeker video inspection system allows users to visually inspect inaccessible or hazardous areas. Available in three models, the product features: a high-strength, 1-m (39.4-in.) camera-tipped probe with built-in, adjustable LED lighting; a mirror, magnet, and pick-up hook that mounts on the end of the probe; batteries; instruction manual; and an impact-resistant carrying case. Probes start from 9.5 mm in diameter, and are water-, oil-, and dustproof. According to the company, advanced units enable users to record and transfer still images and video.
General Tool & Instruments
Circle 205

Floor box

The Resource RFB Series is a 6-compartment floor box that features the same 8-in. round cover as the company's Evolution Series poke-thru device. Featuring large openings for easy access to compartments and space to make connections, the product is also available with the company's FloorPort rectangular activation covers. Resistant to water, dirt, and debris, the covers are UL-listed to U.S. and Canadian standards for tile, terrazzo, carpet, and wood floors. Available finishes include nickel, brass, bronze, black, and gray.
Circle 206

Mini trunk cable

Madison Cable brand Cat. 5E miniature trunk cable is offered in shielded or unshielded versions for use in high data-rate Ethernet and xDSL applications. Featuring reduced diameter and weight, multi-pair cables can be customized, as they include a variety of pair counts and AWG sizes. Non-halogen and outdoor-rated configurations and customizable shielding are also offered. The product also meets industry standards (TIA/EIA 568, ISO 11801), safety ratings (UL/CSA), and ADSL/VDSL2 and GbE (Cat. 5E) requirements.
Tyco Electronics
Circle 207

Distribution blocks

The Edison HPB Series of open-style power distribution blocks is engineered with tin-plated aluminum connectors suitable for copper conductors. Featuring an SCCR rating of 200kA, with proper fusing, the distribution blocks are designed for both factory and field wiring. In addition, they are offered in single-pole and 3-pole models and come in 175A and 310A blocks.
Automation Direct
Circle 208


Designed in accordance with ISO/IEC 60603-7-5, the RJ 45 Plug 8-way Cat. 6 connector accepts stranded or solid 22 AWG to 26 AWG wire cables up to an 8-mm maximum cable diameter. The device features EIA/TIA A, B, and Profinet coding; 360° shielding; and protection to IP 20 in accordance with EIA 60529. Other features include a zinc die-cast housing equipped with a colored captive strain relief as well as an unbreakable latch.
Circle 209

Direct burial PV wire

Approved for use with transformerless inverter systems, this PV wire is the industry's first to carry the Direct Burial designation under the UL 4703 revision of 11/17/09, according to the company. Offering protection from sun, ozone, heat, and abrasion, the cable features ethylene propylene rubber (EPR) insulation and a separate chlorinated polyethylene (CPE) protective jacket. In addition, the product is rated to 2kV. Other ratings include UL VW-1, RHH or RHW-2, UL 44, and UL4703.
USA Solar Cable
Circle 210

Motor starter

Using Moeller PKZ2 plug-in trip modules, this explosionproof combination starter with modular, interchangeable trip blocks features a universal enclosure and starter assembly for Size 0 through Size 3 applications. Featuring one frame size to control and protect motors up to 30 hp at 480V or 25 hp at 600V, the units are available in AC and DC, full voltage non-reversing and full voltage reversing models up to 42A continuous current rating. FVNR versions are mounted on a standard 35-mm DIN rail, while FVR versions are supplied with factory-mounted and wired disconnect and mechanically interlocked contactors.
Circle 211

Data logger

The Simple Logger II Model L481 bipolar 850VDC data logger offers a choice of data storage modes and storage rates that the company says allow users to easily configure the logger to optimize memory usage to the application at hand. The unit also features Extended Recording Mode (XRM) and delayed start time. Internal memory allows storage of more than 240,000 measurements. Available with user-programmable scale and engineering units, features include battery operation, compact size, and front panel LEDs. The product also records DC voltage at user-selectable rates from eight every second to one every day. Voltages can be measured up to ±850VDC with 0.1V resolution.
Circle 213

DC power supplies

The XLN Series of DC power supplies provides up to 1,440W of power in a 1U, full-rack case for rack mounting in an ATE environment or for benchtop use. Available in four base models with various output voltage and current selections and an optional GPIB/LAN interface, all units include free application software for remote control capability without the need for computer programming. Base models use standard USB and RS485 interfaces with SCPI protocol. The optional GPIB and LAN interfaces include a built-in Web server, allowing users to control basic power supply settings through a Web browser.
B&K Precision
Circle 212

Shaft grounding ring

The Aegis SGR Conductive Microfiber shaft grounding ring is designed for predictive and preventive maintenance programs on VFD-controlled AC motors and large DC motors. According to the company, the product's conductive microfibers work with virtually no friction or wear and are unaffected by dirt, grease, or other contaminants. A mounting kit simplifies installation on any NEMA or IEC motor and provides clearance for motors with shaft shoulders, slingers, bearing caps, or end-bell protrusions. Secured with three mounting screws and standoff posts, the assembly covers less than ½-in. of the motor shaft.
Electro Static Technology
Circle 214

Energy monitoring system

This latest version of HOBO U30 Web-based energy and environmental monitoring systems features expanded cellular network coverage that allows users to operate the product in more than 30 international countries. In addition, this newest release features customizable data display settings and a weatherproof, NEMA-rated enclosure constructed from materials derived from 85% post-consumer plastic waste.
Circle 215

Explosionproof luminaire

This explosionproof luminaire uses 12/24V LED T-series lamps within its 4-ft, 2-lamp UL 844 Class 1, Div. 1 and Class 2, Div. 1 light fixture. Featuring a paint spray booth certification, the luminaire is suitable for use in remote locations that rely on battery packs or alternative energy generation designs.
Larson Electronics
Circle 216

Active voltage label

The R-1A0033W-NPLPH assembly, known as the Interactive Functioning Voltage Label, comprises a Voltage Vision R-3W voltage indicator, three ChekVolt R-1A voltage portals, and a polycarbonate UV-rated nameplate. The panel-mount assembly provides two independent means of checking for the absence or presence of voltage with the control panel closed. To facilitate field retrofits, the nameplate includes pilot hole drilling locators. The ChekVolt R-1A mounts in a ½-in. hole, and the Voltage Vision R-3W mounts in a standard 30-mm push-button hole.
Grace Engineered Products
Circle 217

LED retrofit luminaires

Integrating LED and solar power technology, the Vector retrofit product line includes downlights, floodlights, and in-ground models. The downlight is designed to retrofit 8-in., 10-in., and 12-in. recessed downlight HID applications with 100W, 150W, and 250W equivalent solutions. The floodlight fits any 150W, 250W, 400W, or 1,000W HID application, while the in-ground models fit existing 35W to 150W HID up-lighting applications. According to the company, all models offer up to a 75% reduction in energy consumption, meet Energy Star program requirements for SSL luminaires, and surpass all applicable requirements of California's Title 24.
Visible Light Solar
Circle 218

Hook-up wire

EcoWire hook-up wire uses a modified polyphenylene ether (mPPE) thermoplastic that the company says is lighter, tougher, and more flame-resistant than PVC. According to the company, the non-halogenated insulation contains no heavy metal pigments, allowing it to help users meet Waste Electrical and Electronic Equipment (WEEE) requirements. Available in sizes from 28 AWG (0.07 mm2) to 10 AWG (5.37 mm2) with solid or stranded tinned copper conductors, the wire is rated for operating temperatures to 105°C and meets UL VW-1 flammability requirements.
Alpha Wire
Circle 219

Process management software

PlantStruxure allows industrial and infrastructure users to meet their automation needs while at the same time deliver on growing energy-management requirements. According to the company, the system offers flexible, scalable, and collaborative architectures that are the building blocks for manufacturing and process within the company's EcoStruxure energy management architecture portfolio, which allows users to improve energy efficiencies across multiple domains of business including process automation. The product also integrates hardware and software components throughout a plant.
Schneider Electric
Circle 211

Grounding bar kits

These grounding bar kits help prevent theft of copper from indoor and outdoor installations. Kits include one 0.25-in.-thick grounding bar made of solid, cold-drawn copper (110 Electrolytic Tough-Pitch). Other features include two standoff insulators, two mounting brackets, and stainless spring-lock washers. In addition, the product features Truss Spanner security bolts and the No. 14 Truss bolt drill bit that the company says are virtually impossible to remove with a pair of pliers or any clamping tool. A Truss bolt drill bit is included to allow users to install or remove the security bolts. Custom stamping also is available.
Storm Security
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