Product News 3, May 2010

Cable connectors Snap-Rite snap-in connectors are suitable for connecting aluminum and steel cable (MC) and (AC) to metal outlet boxes and electrical enclosures. The connectors are supplied with an insulating bushing, and their design does not require a locknut or a strap and screws to secure the cable conduit, according to the company. Suitable for use with common -in. knockouts and aluminum or steel

Cable connectors

Snap-Rite snap-in connectors are suitable for connecting aluminum and steel cable (MC) and (AC) to metal outlet boxes and electrical enclosures. The connectors are supplied with an insulating bushing, and their design does not require a locknut or a strap and screws to secure the cable conduit, according to the company. Suitable for use with common ⅜-in. knockouts and aluminum or steel cable with 14-2 to 10/3 wire, these UL-listed products are made from high-strength die-cast zinc.
Circle 250

LED drivers

These dimmable switch-mode LED drivers are designed to deliver constant electrical current and voltage to power any LED light fixture across a range of line voltages from 90VAC to 305VAC for 25W through 150W applications. Additional features include a small-scale prewired rectangular UV-rated compact design and active power-factor correction greater than 90% at full electrical load. In addition, the units provide output overvoltage, overcurrent, and short-circuit protection with automatic recovery.
Thomas Research Products
Circle 252

Solar panel connector

The low-loss 4-mm Helios H4 connector for photovoltaic (PV) systems features a locking design to meet NEC 2008, improved gasket materials to enhance reliability, and a TUV-compliant touchproof casing for increased safety. In addition, the product features a self-cleaning, high-efficiency grid contact as well as long-term UV and ozone resistance. According to the company, the RoHS-compliant product mates with industry-standard connectors, making it suitable for use in existing applications.
Amphenol Industrial
Circle 254

Electric boom lift

The improved E300 Series of boom lifts provides 20% more duty cycles than the previous version, allowing users to drive 6.6 miles (10.6 km) and complete 175 lift cycles on a single charge, according to the company. The product's 305Ah batteries provide an 18% faster recharging time. Other product enhancements include improved break-over clearance, smoother swing function, and a multi-digital indicator that displays key information such as battery life, machine hours, and fault codes.
JLG Industries
Circle 251

Occupancy sensors

These multi-way wall switch occupancy sensors are designed for code-compliant lighting control in commercial spaces with more than one entrance or switch location. According to the company, the sensors install using traditional 3- and 4-way wiring, and the product offering includes the industry's first dual-relay multi-way occupancy sensors. In addition, the sensors are offered in passive infrared (PIR) and the company's dual-technology models. Available models include the PW-103N single relay PIR sensor with selectable LED night light with three color options, PW-200 dual relay PIR sensor, DW-103 single-relay dual-technology sensor, and DW-203 dual-relay dual-technology sensor. Up to four sensors can be wired together. They operate on 120/230/277VAC and are available in five colors.
Circle 253

Fire alarm amplifier

The VIP-125 amplifier can be mounted up to 6,000 ft away from any of the company's compatible VIP Series of fire alarm control panels, according to the company. Used to push audio communications to speakers throughout mid- to large-scale fire alarm voice evacuation systems, the amplifier is suitable for campuses, expansive buildings and high-rise applications. This self-contained amplifier comes equipped with a built-in power supply, battery-backup connection and four speaker circuits. An optional circuit splitter card is available to double each unit's speaker circuits to eight. In addition, as many as eight units can be distributed in locations across extensive installations to provide up to 1,000W of amplification power.
Silent Knight by Honeywell
Circle 255

LED downlights

The Solia Series of LED downlights are Energy Star-qualified. Available in a range of white color temperatures from 2,700°K to 4,100°K with a luminous flux that reaches 770 lumens on select models, the downlights are mercury-free and do not emit ultraviolet rays. In addition, the products are available in insulated ceiling, airtight, and covered ceiling/wet location options.
Renaissance Lighting
Circle 256

Storage container

The Magnetic ToughCase storage container comes in two set configurations: a standard 15-piece fastening set and a 20-piece impact-ready drilling/driving set. Constructed from high-impact-resistant material, the container fits into users' pockets or pouches but is large enough to hold common accessories, including 6-in. SDS+ and drill bits, 1⅜-in. step bits, and hole saws. Two magnets on top of the lid allow users to adhere the case to any ferrous material.
Circle 257

Power distribution box

OSHA and NEC compliant, the Mini X-Treme box is an ETL-listed NEMA Type-1 enclosure featuring eight NEMA 5-20R 20A circuit breakers and GFCI-protected outlets split between the front and back panels, and one NEMA L14-30P inlet on the side panel. According to the company, 30A, 125/250V generator and dryer outlets and 50A, 125/250V range outlets can be converted to a portable GFCI and breaker-protected power distribution unit that provides 125V power.
Coleman Cable
Circle 258

In-box power supply

The PowerCrew in-box power supply features four GCFI-protected electrical outlets, providing 15A of power. The power source comes via a standard 3-prong/straight blade extension cord that plugs into the outside of the box. Safety features include a red LED that indicates the four outlets have power and an internal relay that senses an open neutral conductor (a broken wire) in the power supply line. If this occurs, the relay remains open, preventing electricity from reaching users.
Circle 260

AC kits

Weatherproof AC kits feature a dual AC, GFCI, or faceless GFCI enclosed in a single-gang box with a metal or plastic cover. All outlets are UL listed. Both the GFCI and faceless GFCI feature a large LED indicator light. In addition, the faceless GFCI is rated as a 1½-hp motor control switch. The single-gang box is made of heavy die-cast aluminum with baked-on electrostatic, polyester, powder paint. Each box is furnished with two enclosure plugs and mounting lugs.
Automation Systems Interconnect
Circle 259

Wire connector

The SpliceLine in-line wire connector requires no crimping, soldering, or heat shrinking to create secure end-to-end connections, according to the company. The connector features two ports that support a wide range of solid and stranded wires (12 AWG to 20 AWG solid, 12 AWG to 16 AWG stranded), allowing a single connector to cover the same wire range as three standard butt splice sizes. Precision-molded from a transparent polycarbonate that permits visual inspection of connections the product has an ultrathin profile that allows multiple connectors to simultaneously pass through the ½-in. knockouts found in most electrical boxes.
Ideal Industries
Circle 261

Walk-in van

This walk-in van comprises a Utilimaster body plus the company's NPR chassis and 3.0-L diesel engine. According to the company, the van's body panels are designed for quick removal and replacement. In addition, the vehicle offers two wheelbases that measure 134 in. and 151 in. as well as three cargo area lengths of 10 ft, 12 ft, and 14 ft. All models feature 34-in.-wide × 74 in.-high cab door openings and are available with either swing or sliding doors.
Isuzu Commercial Truck
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Video entry system

The Ophera video entry system includes a hands-free receiver, two entry panel options, video distribution and amplification modules, and power supplies. The system can support up to four entry stations and a maximum of 100 apartments or suites. In addition, the unit allows up to eight receivers to operate together as a room-to-room audio intercom group within an apartment or suite. The receiver provides 2-way communication over standard twisted-pair cabling and features a 3.5-in. color monitor along with an adjustable display that tilts 20°. Users can choose between two types of entry stations: the 1-button color video entry panel or the 1-button panel paired with a digital entry panel. Both panels are weather-resistant. The 1-button model includes an integrated low-light color video camera with an adjustable angle view and LED backlit buttons. The digital model includes an LCD display with customizable text message and name directory features.
Leviton Network Solutions
Circle XXX

LED landscape luminaires

The 12V LED Lightscaper product line saves up to 90% 0f energy compared to traditional incandescent fixtures, according to the company. Each luminaire features die-cast aluminum construction as well as a “Smart Connect” tool-free connector. Available models include seven styles of 1.5W path and walkway units, a 3W floodlight and recessed unit, and an eyelid 1.5W unit. A variety of finishes are offered, depending on model and style.
Hubbell Lighting Outdoor
Circle XXX

LED tape lights

Suitable for new and retrofit applications, Invisiled LED tape lights feature a ⅛-in. thickness and 7/16-in. width. Spaced 1 in. apart, the LEDs have a 50,000-hr life, according to the company. In addition, each LED strip is backed with 3M adhesive, allowing customized lighting designs. Available with screw-based mounting clips, the product is enclosed in a silicone casing.
WAC Lighting
Circle 257

Cordless bandsaw

Weighing less than 10 lb, the DCS370 cordless bandsaw features a heavy-duty glass-filled nylon base, a centered handle, and a 2½-in. cutting capacity. In addition, the bandsaw is available with an 18V Li-ion battery, an 18V NiCad battery kit, or without a battery.
Circle XXX

Reel-handling accessories

Four reel-handling accessories have been added to the company's line of aerial and underground cable placement tools and equipment. Products include the C reel payout frame, the pole-mount spindle, the reel buck, and the reel caddy. All of the accessories feature durable steel construction, and a bright yellow powder-coat finish for visibility and protection against corrosion.
General Machine Products
Circle XXX

Fire alarm equipment

The IntelliKnight 5600 fire alarm control panel and compatible HFS devices is suitable for applications where 2- to 5-zone conventional fire alarm systems have been installed. Addressable features include pin-point identification of alarm/trouble locations and false alarm prevention via detector drift compensation and automatic maintenance alerts. Additional features include easy code-wheel addressed detectors, JumpStart programming, and a built-in programming browser. According to the company, the product supports any combination of addressable HFS detectors and modules and runs on a single loop of standard wire as opposed to shielded or twisted- pair.
Silent Knight
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