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Cable-anchoring tool With the StrapGun, contractors can install 12/2 and 14/2 nonmetallic sheathed cable with one hand. The lightweight, all-steel tool installs the company's insulated, UL-listed straps in one shot. Its guide system properly positions the strap over the cable.PowerfastCircle 272 Drill bits XTEND drill bits are heat-treated steel bits with Speed Geometry: a Speed Point that starts

Cable-anchoring tool

With the StrapGun, contractors can install 12/2 and 14/2 nonmetallic sheathed cable with one hand. The lightweight, all-steel tool installs the company's insulated, UL-listed straps in one shot. Its guide system properly positions the strap over the cable.
Circle 272

Drill bits

XTEND drill bits are heat-treated steel bits with Speed Geometry: a Speed Point that starts on contact, and a Speed Helix that rapidly ejects material from the hole. By making holes faster, the cordless drill uses less energy, providing 4 times more holes per charge.
Vermont American Tool Co.
Circle 274

Drive sockets

These -in. drive sockets are designed for heavy-duty industrial and automotive applications, and are available in a durable, molded plastic case. A 21-piece and 25-piece, 12-point fractional set are available. The sockets are made of steel.
SK Hand Tool
Circle 270

Digital multimeters

The 170 series of digital multimeters is designed for front-line industrial, electrical, and electronic technicians, and engineers. The series was developed for relatively “clean” bench areas to harsh work environments.
Circle 279

Electrical cleaning wipes

The Type TR electrical cable cleaning wipe closely matches the desirable characteristics of 1,1,1 trichloroethane. It leaves no residue while exhibiting excellent solvency power on hydrocarbon and silicone greases, fluxes, varnishes, shield picks, adhesives, hand grime, and other organic soils.
American Polywater
Circle 250

Bimetal hole saws

These bimetal hole saws feature a variable pitch tooth pattern that cuts 20% faster. This pitch provides a fast, clean cut that doesn't sacrifice the quality of the materials being cut, whether they're metal, wood, or composite.
Greenlee Textron
Circle 260


These attachable, UL-listed ground fault circuit interrupters (GFCIs) offer portability, versatility, and safety-enhancing performance. The plug-in GFCIs protect operators and equipment by interrupting electrical power when loads have a potentially lethal ground current in excess of 4mA to 6mA.
Circle 268

Piercing tool

The 1-in. Active Head Hammerhead Mole is designed for difficult soils consisting of cobble, hard clays, and hard pan. It features an active-head, double-strike system and power port reversing system.
Vermeer Mfg.
Circle 253

Welding end prep tool

The Electric Wart” Millhog right angle end prep tool features a variable-speed inline 1½-hp motor with a thumb-actuated switch you can lock on to reduce throttle hand fatigue.
Circle 256

Crimp connectors

These 1.0/2.3 DIN male crimp connectors are designed for LMR-240 flexible low-loss coaxial cable. The TC-240-1.0/2.3M connector enables fast, push-pull coupling and positive locking. The connector is suited for applications that minimize panel size.
Times Microwave Systems
Circle 183

Visual fault locator

The Model F6230A pencil-style streamline universal visual fault locator (VFL) features a universal connector that accepts any optical connector style with a 2.5 mm ferrule. It operates on a single AA alkaline battery, keeping the overall size to a minimum while providing long battery life.
Circle 194

Intercom system

The Spectrum 430 digital duplex intercom system can meet the internal voice communications needs of commercial, industrial, or institutional buildings. It offers rugged construction and a variety of features to communicate instantly and securely in parking structures, elevators, stairwells, entry doors, or any unattended public areas.
Jeron Electronic Systems
Circle 157

Conversion links

The MHSDC series of small form factor copper-to-optical conversion links includes plug-in devices for converting communications ports originally intended for copper cable to ports ready to use fiber optic cable. They extend the maximum allowable communications distance from 50 m to as far as 10 km.
Stratos Lightwave
Circle 192

Precision adapters

These four precision adapters are designed for use in microwave and RF applications. This 3.5 mm series has a bandwidth of DC through 34 GHz. They also inter-mate with 2.9 mm and SMA connectors and adapters. Female contacts feature a 4-slot configuration, ensuring pressure is distributed evenly during the engagement of the male pin.
RF Connectors
Circle 165

Patch cord

The Instant Upgrade patch cord can eliminate the need to replace existing infrastructure when upgrading computer networks. The cord can produce data transfer speed increases. It meets all Cat. 5e specifications, and its star filler feature creates better pair separation, resulting in less crosstalk and better attenuation.
Circle 175


This company offers a variety of enclosures and related items for the telecommunications industry, including upright LAN, wall-mount, co-location, and file server enclosures; freestanding open racks; stationary and sliding shelving; front panels; wall-mounted racks; cooling accessories; and custom-manufactured and engineered products.
Almetco Enclosures
Circle 184

Cable tester

The ITC-3402 Test-All IV “Plus” 4-pair cable tester provides TDR functions. It measures cable length and the distance to fault (opens to shorts) on all four pairs in seconds; and it tests the time for continuity and TDR. These functions supplement the tester's continuity tests for opens, shorts, reversal, crosses, and split pairs.
Independent Technologies
Circle 173

Field-attachable connectors

The Brad Harrison family of field-attachable, insulation-displacement connectors eliminates the need for tools in the field. Once you have stripped the wiring, they twist together and retain IP 67 seal integrity.
Woodhead Connectivity
Circle 152

Nonmetallic surface raceway

The Mediatrak 7 — a one-piece, nonmetallic surface raceway with a double latching cover — is suitable for both communications and electrical cabling. The single channel raceway will hold as many as 10 Cat. 5e cables while remaining within initial cable fill requirements of 40%.
Hubbell Premise Wiring
Circle 188

RF receiver

The HA10-WOW is an RF receiver with an integrated data server. It receives CRC-16 error checked data packets from this company's WOW sensors, processes the data, and sends it to the Internet via Ethernet (Dynamic HTML or TCP/IP), phone line (PPP or direct dial), or a local serial port (RS232).
Point Six
Circle 167


The Willson All-In-One reusable respirator provides protection against contaminants and hazards. A Willson Premier half-mask silicon respirator, a WillsonMax full-facepiece 8100 Economy Respirator, and a pair of Uni-Sorb multi-contaminant cartridges and P-95 prefilters are included in the respirator package.
Dalloz Safety
Circle 203

Lighting fixture

Slide is an indirect/direct lighting fixture with a repeating oval shape that offers a slim profile harmonious with nearly any interior architecture. Its reeded acrylic satin diffusers issue well-measured levels of both indirect and direct light. The luminaire is available in ceiling-suspended and wall-mounted variations.
Focal Point
Circle 202

Receptacle tension tester

The RTT99 receptacle tension tester offers a solution for testing and documenting receptacles and outlets in patient care areas in hospitals and high-use areas in commercial buildings. It comes with a CD-ROM-based wiring device inspection program that can help you maintain testing records.
Leviton Mfg.
Circle 229

Controller software

Cscape Version 4.5 software offers an environment for programming, managing, and debugging operator control station (OCS) industrial control devices. The OCS is an integrated control product that offers control, operator interface, I/O, and networking capabilities in a single industrial component.
Horner APG
Circle 238

Emergency stop switches

Pushing the bright red actuator of these emergency stop switches will instantly shut down a machine or other equipment. The series 04 and series 61 switches are designed to prevent “teasing” the pushbutton actuator, which can result in premature or unreliable operation.
EAO Switch
Circle 233

Emergency lighting

The Metrolite series of architectural halogen emergency lighting combines a sculpted look with geometric simplicity in a white, textured finish. Models have voltages of 6V or 12V, with either Pb-Ca or Ni-Cad batteries. They come in capacities ranging from 12W to 50W.
Cooper Lighting
Circle 231

Process calibrator

The IPM-400 process calibrator is designed for in-plant and MRO use. Its minimum/maximum function records low and high measurements. It's equipped with true rms for accurate voltage measurement when harmonics are present. It can measure AC voltage, and its auto-off function preserves battery life.
Greenlee Textron
Circle 200

Metal-halide ignitor

The Xtenza is a long-range ignitor for use with the company's metal-halide lamp ballasts. The ignitor allows you to mount ballasts up to 50 ft from the lamp for 35W through 400W metal-halide applications.
Advance Transformer
Circle 247

Safety program

Visually Instructive Plant Services help facilities become safer and more productive. The Facility Assessment service is a comprehensive evaluation of plant markings. It includes a rating of how markings in a facility measure up, recommended corrective actions, and suggested priorities.
Signmark, a Div. of Brady Worldwide
Circle 228

Local panel transient surge protector

The SurgeFree 80 is a compact AC power line surge suppressor used at the local service panel to protect at-risk electronics such as mobile vans, CNC machines, industrial robots, soft-start control systems, and electronic adjustable speed drives.
MCG Surge Protection
Circle 248


The Contender U-Line is an explosion-proof 20A receptacle designed for use with equipment such as lighting systems, conveyors, compressors, heaters, and pumps. Its cover is UL-listed for use with the company's Contender backboxes, and is UL-classified to mount on Crouse-Hinds EDS backboxes.
Circle 206

Digital power meter

The GIMA digital power meter measures single-, multiple, or 3-phase current, voltage, and power parameters. It provides high-speed, continuous measurements regardless of harmonics and waveform interruptions. Used with the Modbus Communications option, it allows remote monitoring for industrial process and factory automation applications.
Simpson Electric
Circle 201

Online UPS

The SSG series 500VA UPS is a low-cost online UPS with galvanic isolation transformer. It is designed for applications where mode noise, harmonics, frequency, and phase shifts are a common problem.
Falcon Electric
Circle 210

Industrial smart camera

The VC 2065 industrial smart camera features a 32-bit Texas Instruments, C6 DSP processor. It can process 54 parts/sec with full resolution and 216 parts/sec when processing four parts in a segmented frame. It is designed for mechanical engineering projects.
Vision Components
Circle 241

In the June 2001 EC&M Literature Review, on page LR6, the write-up for Post Glover's product contained errors. The corrected text is shown below.

Digital high-resistance grounding system
The PulserPlus is a digital high-resistance grounding system with data logging. It acts as a digital protection device for your plant's electrical system. Its digital protection technology detects ground faults that, if undetected, could shut down a line, or even your whole plant.
Post Glover
Circle 218

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