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Spade bit The DareDevil spade bit incorporates a full cone threaded tip that the company says increases the speed of the bit and the ease of drilling. In addition, the bit features a contoured paddle and a wave-like shape to speed chip removal. According to the company, the product's spur and reamer design scores wood for a clean entry hole, and its angled cutting edges ream the hole for reduced breakout.

Spade bit

The DareDevil spade bit incorporates a full cone threaded tip that the company says increases the speed of the bit and the ease of drilling. In addition, the bit features a contoured paddle and a wave-like shape to speed chip removal. According to the company, the product's spur and reamer design scores wood for a clean entry hole, and its angled cutting edges ream the hole for reduced breakout. Available sizes include 4 in., 6 in., and 16 in. Extension shafts are offered in 6-in. and 12-in. lengths.
Circle 250

Cable jacket repair tape

Scotch Cable Jacket Repair Tape 2234 allows for on-site repair of cables. According to the company, the tape features an abrasion-, water-, UV-, chemical-, and oil-resistant backing. In addition, the product is flame-retardant, self-healing, and will not corrode copper or aluminum surfaces.
Circle 251


These current-limiting subpanels are designed to limit available wattage to track lighting based on the actual lighting design criteria. According to the company, the product can help reduce calculated watts by as much as 75% or more. Best suited for new construction, the subpanel is offered in any configuration from six through 42 circuits, and is available in either surface-mount or flush-mount versions.
Juno Lighting Group
Circle 252

Autoranging DMMs

The 2705B, 2708B, and 2709B models have been added to the company's product line of autoranging DMMs. The 2708B and 2709B offer true rms measurements. Product features of all three models include: single-handed operation, easy-to-read LCD displays, DC voltage to 1,000V, AC-DC current to 100A, AC voltage to 750V, diode and continuity test, magnetic hanging strap, and a drop-resistant case.
B&K Precision
Circle 253

Duct rodders

The Cobra, Python, and Mini-Cobra Series of duct rodders each feature electrical and thermal properties that make them safe for use in cable-occupied duct. Cage sizes are matched to suit the diameter and length of each rod order. The cages also feature sturdy construction and a hand-operated wheel brake. In addition, the duct rods include a threaded end fitting on each end and a tapered head on the outward end. A number of optional end fitting accessories for additional applications are available as well.
Condux International
Circle 254

Rough-in software

Ruff-IN Configurator Version 1.0 software creates “smart” part numbers on the fly and enables users to view 3D rotatable images at any time in the process, according to the company. Once part numbers are created, the following options are available: project bills of materials (BOMs) can be compiled and organized by room or floor for shipping requirements; project submittal packages containing detail assembly drawings, including wiring device data sheets and wiring diagrams (where applicable) can be generated; and users can submit their BOM to the company and request a quote.
Cooper B-Line
Circle 255

Portable power station

The PowerTainer is a fully autonomous, automatic, uninterrupted remote power supply. Designed for applications where grid power is not available, the product consists of a 20-ft equivalent intermodal transport unit that ships with batteries, inverters, charge controllers, PV array mounting structure, and PV panels. According to the company, the PV mounting structure and PV panels can be deployed in one day.
Lumos Solar
Circle 256

PV roofing tile

The SolarSave photovoltaic (PV) tile product line now includes a 4-ft, 48W model. Designed to blend with standard roofing color schemes, the tiles are offered in three colors: slate gray, brown, and terra cotta. According to the company, the product can withstand a snow load of more than 200 lb per sq ft and a wind load up to 80 mph.
Open Energy
Circle 257

Duct rodders

This line of continuous duct rodders is offered in thicknesses of ¼ in., ⅜ in., and ½ in. and in lengths ranging from 100 ft to 1,200 ft. Lightweight and corrosion-resistant, the rodders feature a bright orange color and fiberglass rods. In addition, the leading end of each device comes with a tapered male threaded head while the trailing end features a female threaded fitting for extension attachment.
General Machine Products
Circle 258

Temporary power equipment

The Arrow Hart brand of commercial and industrial specification-grade temporary power equipment consists of RhinoBox temporary power centers, portable outlet boxes, and portable GFCIs. The temporary power center offers plug-and-play power capability, multiple configuration options, and a variety of cord sets and adapters. Available in NEMA 3R (outdoor use) and NEMA 1 (indoor use) enclosures, the power boxes safely centralize and distribute hub and spoke power, according to the company. In addition, their stackable design allows multiple units to lock together for safe transport and storage. Portable outlet boxes feature a copper bonding strap that ensures the device and box are bonded to the grounding conductors. Wet-location listed, the portable GFCIs are available in numerous configurations, including 15A, 20A, 30A, and 50A.
Cooper Wiring Devices
Circle 259

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Wiring assemblies

According to the company, PlugTail Power prefabricated wiring assemblies install simply, with no vertical measuring necessary for the floor brackets, which slide under the sill plate. The wall brackets screw directly to the studs. The assembly system includes floor or wall brackets with 1- or 2-gang openings, preinstalled boxes, and preinstalled mud rings available in ⅝-in. or ¾-in. rise. In addition, the assembly includes support arms in the back. Connectors are prewired to the ground screw and allow users to make device choices at finish.
Pass & Seymour/Legrand
Circle 260

MC cable fittings

Offered in several trade sizes, these UL- and CSA-listed MC cable fittings feature a built-in end stop as well as additional end stop bushings for different size cable bundles. Constructed of die-cast zinc, the product line also comes with a wire bundle template for selecting fitting sizes.
Arlington Industries
Circle 261

Residential generator software

OnCue home generator software allows users to observe and manage generator performance from a residence or remote location. The product is offered as an optional software program on five of the company's residential home generator models, ranging from 8.5kW to 30kW. The product also gives users the ability to view real-time status of generator operation, observe and/or clear any diagnostic fault codes, review a time-stamped history of faults and clearing of faults, and start and stop the generator.
Kohler Power Systems
Circle 262

Power packs

BZ-50 and BZ-150 power packs use zero crossing to switch line voltage loads and provide 24VDC to power occupancy sensors or other devices. Both models are RoHS-compliant, accept 120V, 230V, or 277V power at 50Hz or 60Hz, and provide a 225mA output. In addition, the BZ-150 features control capabilities that include a field-selectable operating mode and hold-on/hold-off inputs.
Watt Stopper/Legrand
Circle 263

Aluminum boxes

This product line includes more than 60 aluminum boxes. Constructed using a one-piece base to increase overall strength, each box has an enclosed locking mechanism to prevent bending or jamming of the locking system and for increase security.
Circle 264

Project tracking software

TeamSys Team Management Suite is a client-server system that allows Intuit QuickBooks users to track employee billable time and the tasks and projects employees are billing to. The suite consists of a server and three client applications that work with it: the server manages and preserves project and time billing data, Timer clients let employees record their billable time as they work on customer jobs; Team Manager clients let project managers create, assign, edit, and track employee tasks; and Administrator clients let a company's QuickBooks administrator export time to QuickBooks and manage other aspects of the system.
Circle 265

Side boxes

Weather Guard low-profile side boxes sit just above the bed rail to keep rear sightlines intact. The boxes also feature the company's Extreme Protection Lock and an automotive-style latch that allows “one-touch” opening. Ranging in capacity from 3.1 cu ft to 4.2 cu ft, they are constructed of heavy-gauge diamond plate aluminum.
Circle 266

Termination connectors

GBT lay-in intersystem grounding and bonding termination connectors are UL-listed and meet UL 467 specifications as well as NEC 250.94. The connectors accommodate from 250kcmil and include 8 AWG grounding electrode conductors and four bonding taps with a range of 2 AWG through 14 AWG. For use with copper or aluminum conductor, the lay-in feature eliminates the need to cut or splice into existing grounding electrode. In addition, the product line includes multiple bonding taps for terminating up to four communication systems. Stainless steel screws provide corrosion resistance, and serrations in the conductor wireway reduce oxidation.
Circle 267


The Xceed Series of recessed CFL downlights features frame-in kits that are 3½ in. high. According to the company, the luminaires provide up to 30% more visible light than a 65W BR30 incandescent lamp. Trims include round and square downlights as well as a slope/wall-wash trim that accommodates both applications in one trim. UL-listed for wet locations, the trims are available in matte white, clear diffuse, and warm diffuse finish with white or polished flanges. Additional product features include swivel-lock mounting bars, top/bottom access junction boxes, and 26W dimming.
Circle 268

Wiring system

netSELECT 6-port combination module is a structured wiring system designed for residential phone, CATV, and Cat. 5e data distribution. The 3-in-one module fits into any netSELECT enclosure and features a 6-port, 110-style telephone panel, a 6-port 1-GHz CATV splitters, and a 6-port Cat. 5e component for a home network. In addition, a 2-service module for delivering telephone and CATV is offered.
Hubbell Wiring Systems
Circle 269

Construction software

Spectrum Version 13 construction management software includes updates to the work order and service contract modules. With the work order module, each work order for an individual customer tracks actual material and labor costs. A work order may be billed more than once, and can remain open to track all related expenses. In addition, the service contract module allows users to bill a service contract on any schedule of their choice. The revenue contract can be deferred and recognized as needed.
Dexter + Chaney
Circle 270

Cable cutter

The Data T-Cutter II is designed for cutting coaxial cables commonly used in CATV or for RG-58 cables. Featuring a stamped hardened steel frame with curved blades, the tool has bolt cutting holes that allow users to cleanly trim the cable's steel reinforced center conductor for proper termination. Additional features include a locking latch and cushioned grip handles.
Ideal Industries
Circle 271

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