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Video supplies The HPTV23-E Series of video products powers CCTV cameras and other video accessories. Product features include two circuit protection choices of automotive fuses or circuit breaker (type PTC) transformers with built-in thermal protection, LED diagnostic indicators, and full factory assembly with all accessories. The units deliver 24VAC power with either 4A or 8A of supply current.

Video supplies

The HPTV23-E Series of video products powers CCTV cameras and other video accessories. Product features include two circuit protection choices of automotive fuses or circuit breaker (type PTC) transformers with built-in thermal protection, LED diagnostic indicators, and full factory assembly with all accessories. The units deliver 24VAC power with either 4A or 8A of supply current. All models offer a choice of output distribution via four, eight, or 16 protected circuits.
Honeywell Power Products
Circle 200

Cord reels

These GFCI-protected 15A and 20A industrial cord reels are compliant with the UL 355 Standard for Cord Reels. Product features include a nonmetallic outlet box, plug-in power cord, steel construction with yellow powder-coated finish, 12 AWG 3-conductor cord, and a positive latch mechanism.
Hubbell Wiring Device-Kellems
Circle 202

Hospital-grade receptacles

Free from ferrous materials, these hospital-grade receptacles are suitable for use in high magnetic-field environments. Available in 15A and 20A, 125V versions, the UL-listed receptacles feature impact-resistant thermoplastic nylon covers and bodies as well as a smooth face that resists dirt and dust. Additional features include large triple-wipe brass T contacts, locked-in wraparound brass straps, and a self-grounding brass clip.
Circle 204

Power cables

The Simtra line of power cables features ferrite-barrier technology that allows them to be distributed and installed in the same conduit or in parallel locations with low-voltage audio, video, or network cables. UL-listed, the cables are available in TC or NM-B UL-rated versions for permanent installation in a variety of applications and conform to NEC sections 725.136, 760.136, 770.133, 800.133, 800.179, 820.133, and 830.133. Additionally, the products are available with three, four, five, or six THHN/THWN conductors at 6 AWG to 16 AWG in a UL-rated, flame-retardant orange PVC jacket. In addition to single-element versions, the products are available in Fusion-bundled and HVAC-bundled models.
Circle 201

Ground fault relay

The RCD300M2 differential current relay includes features for automated monitoring and control in power distribution panels, switchboard installations, municipal utilities and similar applications. Additional features include an adjustable time delay (0 sec to 1.5 sec), fault indicator LEDs, and a signal output to drive either a remote meter or PLC. According to the company, this output gives the relay both protective and predictive capabilities.
Circle 203

Pushmount tie

The 7312mm Fir Tree pushmount tie is designed to simplify the bundling of cables, wires, and hoses. The tie features a fir tree design that provides a single mounting solution for a range of applications with various panel thicknesses. In addition, the base locks and secures the bundle onto the panel by latching onto the opposite side of the panel surface. Suitable for mounting wire harnesses in oval and rectangular 7-mm × 12-mm panel holes and blind assembly holes, the disc on top of the fir tree covers the insertion hole to reduce ingress of dust, dirt, and water. The outside serrated tie, featuring 50-lb tensile strength, comes in two strap lengths to accommodate bundle sizes from 6.5-in. to 8.5-in.
Circle 205

Copper cabling system

ModLink is a plug-and-play preterminated high-density modular copper solution this is 100% factory-tested, according to the company. The system uses the company's iPass connector, a low-profile slim line I/O connector designed for high-density applications. The connector is made from die-cast zinc alloy and features a narrow latch-pull design that allows for swift and positive connect or disconnect. In addition, each of the product's cassette's supports six or 12 RJ45 ports in a 2-row format. Also included in the system are distribution cables and Hydra cable assemblies.
Circle 206

Fire alarm control panels

The MS-9200UDLS and MS-9600UDLS addressable fire alarm control panels now offer faster polling speeds and support lower-cost wire and annunciation devices, according to the company. Features include a factory-installed digital alarm communicator with upload/download capabilities coupled with a USB port and new Microsoft Windows-based programming tools. A fully loaded MS-9200UDLS panel supporting 198 devices and an MS-9600UDLS panel with a maximum of 636 devices can activate notification circuits within 10 sec using the company's LiteSpeed technology.
Circle 208


This line of transformers has been increased to 100kVA. The transformers also feature a larger wiring area and improved airflow that results in a cooler unit, according to the company. In addition, the 115° and 150° rise models will have the same size enclosure. Identified by the mark “Revision A” on their nameplates, the product's electrical characteristics will remain unchanged.
Jefferson Electric
Circle 210

Automatic transfer switch

The Zenith 1600-3000 horizontal bypass/isolation automatic transfer switch (ATS) features a back-to-back design with a shutter system that uses ANSI-certified power circuit breakers. To help ensure user safety and provide access to the bypass power panel with proper PPE, the horizontal bypass switch enclosure features a dead front with the ATS removed or isolated. Additional features include a low-voltage control compartment that is isolated from the switch mechanism, a smaller size (1,300-lb lighter weight than previous versions), and an MX350 control system with built-in power-quality metering and alarms.
GE Digital Energy
Circle 207

Power distribution units

Power Commander Plus power distribution units (PDUs) are available in three models: single-phase 50A, 120V output; 3-phase 60A, 120V output; and 3-phase 60A, 208V output. The 3-phase units are available with NEMA or IEC receptacles on the output, thus eliminating the need to change power cables when servers are changed from 120V to 208V or vice-versa. For overload protection, the units feature three UL489-listed circuit breakers. In addition, each model is available with a black or white cover. Other features include a hook mounting bracket and blue LEDs to indicate power status for each circuit.
Circle 209

Cable connectors

Available in straight and 90° configurations, these PVC jacketed MC/TECK cable connectors meet NEC Art. 348.12(1) and 330-10(11) for wet location installations. The straight PVC jacketed MC/TECK fittings are available in ⅜-in. and ½-in. trade sizes, while the 90° connectors are available in a ⅜-in. trade size.
Bridgeport Fittings
Circle 211

Cord grips

Designed for corrosive environments, these nickel-plated brass cord grips feature a temperature range of -40°C to +100°C. Available in NPT, Pg, and metric threading, the cord grips are approved to IP68 protection class and feature a neoprene sealing ring.
Circle 212


RoHS-compliant, Star-Line EX electrical connectors provide up to 1,500A in signal, control, and power applications. For use in Zone 1-llc hazardous environments, the connectors come with solder, crimp, or pressure terminals, eliminating the need for hard wiring to terminal blocks enclosed in junction boxes. Available in stainless steel, brass, and aluminum housings, the devices feature a dielectric strength of 1,800V and heat resistance up to 750°F.
Circle 213

Motor rotation meter

The 61-521 phase and motor rotation meter is designed for use on equipment up to 600V. The meter identifies 3-phase sequence, motor rotation, and checks for open phases. Other features include color-coded wired leads with large alligator clips as well as bright red and green LEDs that show rotation of de-energized motors.
Ideal Industries
Circle 214

EMS upgrade kit

This energy management system (EMS) extends branch-circuit monitoring capabilities to legacy and third-party power distribution equipment. The kit also allows for power conditions to be monitored on individual breakers, breaker panels, or at the equipment level, providing three tiers of visibility within a single unit. Pretested, this stand-alone product features a wall-mounted enclosure with supporting hardware for one or two panels. A single-panel unit monitors up to 42 circuits, and a 2-panel unit monitors up to 84 circuits in a standard, 3-phase panelboard.
Circle 215

Motor starters

Designed to ship in as little as 48 hr, QwikShip enclosed starters are built to order. Covering the majority of industrial applications to 250 hp in noncombination, fusible combination, and circuit breaker combination starter types in reversing and nonreversing configurations, all starters offer a choice of NEMA 1, 12, or 3R environment-rated enclosures. Options include control circuit selection, auxiliary contacts, and various pilot device kits.
Circle 216

Twisted-pair cable

7940A DataTuff twisted-pair cable is Cat. 6 Ethernet/IP-compliant. Featuring a round design, solid bare copper conductor, and a heavy-duty oil- and sunlight-resistant jacket, the unshielded twisted-pair (4-pair UTP) 23 AWG cable employs the company's Bonded Pair technology, a design that bonds the individual insulated conductors along the full length of the cable. According to the company, this technology allows the product to maintain a consistent distance between the conductors with no twisting or performance-robbing gaps.
Circle 217

Compact circuit protector

This compact circuit protector (CCP) fused switch product line has been expanded to include a Low-Peak CUBEFuse Class J performance model, increasing CCP capability to 60A. According to the company, the current-limiting performance of a properly sized Low-Peak CUBEFuse unit offers Type 2 (IEC 947-4-1) “no damage” coordinated motor starter protection. In addition, the product features a short-circuit current rating (SCCR) of 200 kA with a Class J or Class CC fuse as well as a full-voltage rating of 600VAC. The device also offers open-circuit indication locally and remotely.
Cooper Bussmann
Circle 218

Motor starter module

The BL20 motor starter economy module uses SWIRE technology to provide daisy-chain connection from a single I/O slice to each motor starter via a ribbon cable. In addition, the product allows 3-phase motor control to be connected to the same rack as standard I/O. With the SWIRE connection, motor starters can be mounted on separate DIN-rails within the same panel. The product is available in sizes ranging from 0.8 hp to 20 hp, direct and reversing, for use on DeviceNet, PROFIBUS, CANopen, Ethernet/IP, and Modbus TCP/IP networks with both standard and programmable gateways.
Circle 219


SmartLockPRO GFCI (ground fault circuit interrupter) hospital-grade receptacles now feature tamper-resistant (TR) models. Available in 15A and 20A, 125V NEMA straight-blade configurations, the devices come in a variety of colors, including ivory, white, red, light almond, and gray. For quick visual identification, two “TR” symbols are molded into the face of the device. In addition to line-load reversal and end-of-life indication, the product features mechanical shutters that prevent insertion of foreign objects by only accepting a properly rated 2-pronged plug. Other features include an impact-resistant nylon face and enhanced electronics for improved resistance to surges and overvoltages, according to the company.
Circle 211

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