Product News, August 2010

Product News, August 2010

The BurndyWeld Qiklite is a battery-operated ignition system for exothermic connections that guarantees ignition 100% of the time, according to the company

Exothermic ignition system

The BurndyWeld Qiklite is a battery-operated ignition system for exothermic connections that guarantees ignition 100% of the time, according to the company. The self-contained unit features a built-in battery life indicator, 6-ft igniter cord, and separate buttons for power and ignition. In addition, no starting powder is required, and the product works with standard molds and weld metal.
Circle 250

Halogen lamp

The Eco-Friendly Halogen A19 lamp is fully dimmable and available in four models. According to the company, the 29W model is equivalent in lumen output to a 40W incandescent; the 43W model is comparable to a 60W incandescent; the 53W model is equivalent to a 75W incandescent; and the 72W model is comparable to a 100W incandescent. Available in clear and soft white finishes, the lamp is for use on a 120V lighting system and features a 1,000-hr life, according to the company. The lumen output ranges from 380 lumens for the 29W soft white style to 1,490 lumens for the 72W clear-finished version.
Circle 251

Pigtail connectors

According to the company, Term-A-Nut pigtail connectors allow grounding that is more than three times faster than conventional pigtailing/bonding methods, as confirmed by an independent third-party testing company. To help users compute potential savings, an online calculator is available on the company’s website. A downloadable version is also available on the site in standard Microsoft Excel format.
Ideal Industries
Circle 252

Lighting controller

Designed to work in conjunction with existing lighting pole controllers, the Green Spider turns off three or four individual 1,000W fixtures and leaves the remaining fixtures illuminated for local lighting codes and security reasons — and then resets itself at dawn. According to the company, by controlling a lighting pole’s individual fixtures during off-peak hours, the system reduces lighting energy consumption and costs by approximately 30%, extends the life of existing lighting equipment, and pays for itself in as little as four months.
Green Spider Energy
Circle 253

Weatherproof jacket

The Defender weatherproof jacket features DuraLock Xtreme fabric. According to the company, an impenetrable outer shell protects the wearer from water, oils, and other liquids while a wind block interlining keeps wind out and provides increased warmth and air circulation. Made of 100% peached cotton canvas, the zip-up jacket is stain-resistant and lined with anti-pill, quilted micro fleece. In addition, the garment is available in men’s sizes M to XXL in gunmetal, khaki, and medium denim colors.
Circle 254

Isolation transformers

This latest version of ISO-PUCK II enclosed hospital-grade isolation transformers is available in 400VA, 800VA, and 1,200VA power ratings with input and output voltages of 115V. New features include a molded polycarbonate enclosure with an imbedded IEC60320 C-13 receptacle as well as a green LED light to indicate that power is on. Designed for installation between the wall outlet and any electrical or electronic apparatus used in patient care areas, the company says the transformers comply with required maximum leakage current standards.
Bridgeport Magnetics Group
Circle 255

Rooftop pipe supports

The Caddy Pyramid product line has been expanded to include the EZ Series of adjustable-height tool-free rooftop pipe supports. Manufactured from durable, UV-stabilized EPDM rubber, the supports feature a simple snap-on installation that does not require the use of tools or fasteners. The product allows for height adjustment from 1¾ in. to 4 in., 4 in. to 6 in., or 5 in. to 7 in. In addition, they can also accommodate all pipe and conduit types up to 2-in. Sch. 40.
Circle 256

Work gloves

CutMaster 7-gauge, medium weight, seamless, machine-knit gloves are manufactured using 100% DuPont Kevlar brand fiber to deliver an ANSI Cut Level 5 cut resistance. Featuring pearl-colored split leather on the palm, thumb, index finger, and fingertips for abrasion resistance and added protection from heat and incidental cuts and punctures, the company says the gloves are five times stronger than steel. Lightweight and flame-resistant, the product also features a padded inside lining that offers thermal protection and cushioned support. Available in sizes 6-9 and in size 14, all styles are packaged a dozen pair per poly bag with 6 dozen per case.
Magid Glove & Safety
Circle 257

LED lamps and luminaires

The E-Core LED Series includes a lamp line as well as a downlight line. The lamp line includes six reflector lamps in three colors and two A19 bulbs in two colors. The downlight line includes six models available in four colors, the brightest of which reaches 1250 lumens. According to the company, the LEDs operate for no less than 40,000 hr and are mercury-free.
Circle 258

Pulling eyes

These Expanding Jaw pulling eyes allow for the protected pulling of duct and innerduct conduit. The pulling eyes feature a one-piece cone design with a full sleeve to completely enclose the jaws. The expanding jaws help the pulling eyes fit firmly into conduit, while the sleeve prevents the expansion or rupturing of polyethylene conduit during installation and pulling, according to the company. Made from hardened alloy steel, the product is equipped with a swiveling-eye nut that allows for the attachment of a pulling line. In addition, they come in a variety of sizes that can accommodate the installation of 1.25-in. to 14-in.-diameter polyethylene conduit in wall sizes that range from SDR 9 to SDR 21 and Sch 40.
General Machine Products
Circle 259

Wire connector

The SlimSeal is a sealed, low-profile, single row solid-state lighting (SSL) connector for indoor and outdoor lighting applications. Featuring an IP67 seal rating, the connector can be used in traditional lighting fixtures and commercial refrigeration. Product highlights include UV-resistant wire-to-wire and wire-to-board configurations, SMT and thru-hole headers, positive integral latching, and pre-assembled seals. Available in two, three, and four positions, the polarized, RoHS-compliant connector accepts 18 AWG through 24 AWG stranded wire. Housings are manufactured with UL 94 V0-rated high temperature-resistant thermoplastic.
Tyco Electronics
Circle 260

Li-ion power tools

The 12 Volt MAX product line includes a ¼-in. screwdriver, 3/8-in. drill/driver, ¼-in. impact driver, 3/8-in. impact wrench, LED work light, inspection camera, infrared thermometer, and two combo kits. All products feature the company’s 12V MAX Lithium-ion (Li-ion) battery that charges in 40 min. The battery is placed at the bottom of the handle to allow for a contoured grip.
Circle 261

Cable dispenser

The 9522 hanging cable dispenser holds a full spool of NM or MC cable (up to 75 lb) and spins to dispense the wire easily and evenly without overrunning. When not in use, the dispenser can be collapsed, folded, and stored in its included bag. Made from aluminum tubing, steel hooks and joint plates, and tough nylon straps, the product weighs 3½ lb.
Circle 262

Lighting controllers

Half-Light controllers provide independent control for multiple ballast luminaires from a single existing wall switch. The Two Stage Half Light model is designed for a 2-ballast, 4-lamp fixture where each ballast controls two lamps, while the Three Stage Half Light model is designed for a 6-lamp fixture where one ballast controls two lamps and the other ballast controls the remaining four lamps. Featuring a low-profile, the company says the controllers are compatible with a range of popular fluorescent and HID lamps and install directly into the fluorescent or HID ballast channel wherever a dual- or multi-ballast lighting configuration is present.
Functional Devices
Circle 263

Caution tape

Centritile warning tape is manufactured from high-impact recycled polyethylene. Offered in roll format, the tape is suitable for low voltage, 11kV, street lighting, telecom/fiber optic, gas, and water piping. Available sizes include 40 meters × 150 mm × 2.5 mm, 40 meters × 200 mm × 2.5 mm, 50 meters × 150 mm × 2 mm, and 50 meters × 200 mm × 2 mm. In addition, the product can be produced up to 4 mm thickness and
600 mm width.
Circle 264

Electronic plan room app

Mobile PlanRoom provides multi-user access to all of a given project’s construction drawings, specifications, notes, contracts, and other related documents from an iPad or the Web. Drawings and other construction documents are first uploaded to the online construction document management tool, and then accessed via an iPad or the Internet.
Circle 265

Utility vehicles

This line of utility vehicles includes four models: the 3200, 3400, 3400XL, and 3450. Features range from 2-wheel drive to the 4-wheel drive, attachment-ready 3450 model. Additional options and accessories are available to customize the vehicles. Other features include 4-wheel independent suspension, lower sound levels, 2-passenger bucket seating (dealer-installed bench seat also available), a dealer-installed cab, and heat.
Circle 266

Junction box

SolarSpec junction box and cable assemblies are designed for installation on the back of mono- and polycrystalline photovoltaic (PV) solar modules. Providing the interface between the conductor ribbons on the panel and the DC I/O cables, the junction box features spring terminals that connect the base directly to the PV ribbon conductors, without the need for retention clamps or clips. Optional patented Solder Charge technology facilitates high-speed assembly and eliminates the need for hand-soldering of the ribbon. Optional double-sided tape removes the need for curing time on silicone when attaching the connector base to a module.
Circle 267

LED downlights

The Halo LED H7 line of LED recessed downlights has been expanded to include the Halo LED 900 Series and Halo LED 1200 Series. Suitable for new construction or as a retrofit to existing 6-in. nominal compatible housings (via an Edison screw-base adapter included with the module), the LEDs feature 80 CRI and offers color temperatures of 2,700°K, 3,000°K, 3,500°K, and 4,000°K.
Cooper Lighting
Circle 268

Step-up transformers

Intended for the wind farm turbine market, the PCT WTSU step-up transformer features round coils, a cruciform, a mitered core with heavy-duty clamping, and a pressure plate design. According to the company, the transformer’s unique cooling system shortens the path that heat generated within the core and coils must take to reach the cooling fluid. The product also features a no-load tap changer with silver-plated contacts.
Pacific Crest Transformers
Circle 200

LED wallpack

The LPACK 20 LED wallpack features a 50,000-hr life, according to the company. Available in warm and cool light, the 20W product includes two high-output, 10W LED light engines that deliver 70% of their rated lumens and have a voltage-sensing driver for 120V up to 277V. Available in a bronze or white finish, the product is suitable for both commercial and residential applications as either a downlight or uplight for wet locations. In addition, they are designed for mounting heights of up to 15 ft.
RAB Lighting
Circle 201

Cable management system

Offered in vertical, horizontal, and front-to-rear options to meet comm/data cabling application demands for single bay and ganged cabinets, this configurable cable management system manages inter-cabinet patching and cross connects for structured cabling within EIA-310-D-compliant 19-in. access cabinet platforms. Designed for single-person installation, the product can span between ganged cabinets and features multiple wire lances and a twist-and-lock cable arm mounting option.
Cooper B-Line
Circle 202

T5 retrofit adapter

This T5 retrofit adapter has a built-in electronic ballast, allowing users to upgrade T12 fixtures. According to the company, in many cases, users can delamp T12 fixtures from four T12s down to two T5s, resulting in energy savings of up to 65%. The T5 lamp also produces a light that is 85% closer to natural sunlight and features a reflector that directs light downward to the source needing to be illuminated.
Energy Now
Circle 203

Power pole extender

Tele-Power pole extenders are available in 5-ft sections that snap together to create a single standard pole or extend the length of an existing pole. Featuring dual compartments, the pole extenders work with the company’s 25 Series Tele-Power poles to provide up to 5 ft of additional height. The product can also be cut to length. According to the company, the mounting system ensures the finished pole is as strong and durable as a single unit. Available in prewired or unwired versions, the factory-wired units include two 20A, 125V duplex receptacles. Both versions feature mounting hardware, end plate, and ceiling trim.
Circle 204

Cord reel

Constructed of heavy-gauge 304L stainless steel, this cord reel is designed for applications where corrosion or sanitation is a concern. Product features includes a 4-ft to 5-ft pigtail, multi-positional guide arm, automatic on/off switch, and a spotlight suitable for Class 1 and 2 hazardous areas (device only).
Circle 205

Control panels

Designed for irrigation pump pressure control applications up to 125 hp, VFDC-1300 Quick Ship control panels ship within 48 hr from time of order. Equipped with a variable-frequency drive in a ventilated NEMA 3R enclosure, the product feature a VFDC-1300 controller and a pressure transmitter. In addition, it is factory-tested and pre-programmed for a user’s application.
Circle 206

Distribution transformers

The ET2 and ET5 Series of unshielded distribution transformers is available in 15kVA through 75kVA. For outdoor applications, the transformers can be outfitted with optional weather shields that meet UL-3R requirements. Offered in single- and 3-phase versions, the NEMA TP-1-compliant product features a UL Class 220 insulation system, terminal board connections, and stainless steel enclosures.
Circle 207

LED edge-lit backlights

These LED edge-lit luminaires are designed to focus light into a high-performance backlight or light guide. Because the LEDs are located on the edge of the light guide, they allow for better optical control for color and uniformity, fewer LEDs, as well as enhanced repeatability, according to the company. LED backlight panel applications include egress lighting, exit signs, downlighting, under-cabinet, splash, desk task lighting, and refrigeration illumination.
Global Lighting Technologies
Circle 208

Integrated power center

The Submetering Integrated Power Center (IPC) has been added to the company’s Square D IPaCS line. Customizable, the IPC features a Square D PowerLogic E4800 series multi-circuit energy meter mounted inside its enclosure, making it suitable for multi-tenant and multi-department buildings. Real-time and status information from the meter can be accessed with EnergyView Online software and other online power monitoring software.
Schneider Electric
Circle 209


The Quattro line-start permanent magnet motor is a hybrid model that features a 3-phase distributed winding in the stator. Operating at IEC established IE4 efficiency levels, the motor is more efficient than NEMA Premium efficiency induction motors, according to the company. In addition, the product operates at synchronous speed regardless of the load, providing no I2R losses in the aluminum cage. Other highlights include a frame size that is the same as an induction motor and a low bearing temperature. No feedback device or special protection relays are needed.
WEG Electric
Circle 210

Surface raceway

AdvanceWay surface raceway satisfies the specified bends and depths of all cable and connectivity types (including
Cat. 6a) in a system that is less than 50% the size of alternative products, according to the company. Able to accommodate most power supplies and high-performance connectors, the product features multi compartments. In addition, device boxes can be positioned above and below the raceway.
Circle 211

Power warning alert

The VoltageVision R-3W-SR is a solid-on power warning alert. Featuring LEDs that illuminate three different ways (flash, shimmer, and solid) to show the presence of varying voltages, the alert detects 3-phase AC or DC voltage and operates from 40VAC to 750VAC/30VDC to 1,000VDC. C-UL-US NEMA 4X-listed, the product fits into a standard 30-mm pushbutton hole and features encapsulated construction and a redundant circuit design.
Grace Engineered Products
Circle 212

LED power modules

The PIL300U-V Series of constant voltage LED power modules features 300W of output power and a 90VAC to 305VAC input range. The module’s design incorporates high PFC, meeting the requirements for EN61000-3-2. Standard output voltages range from 12VDC to 150VDC. The IP67-rated product offers ratings are up to 94%, and its specified operating temperature range is -35°C to +70°C.
Power Partners
Circle 213

Insulation testers

The 1555 and 1550C insulation resistance testers offer digital insulation testing up to 10kV. The company says the testers can conduct the entire range of test voltages specified in IEEE 43-2000 and feature CAT III 1,000V, CAT IV 600V safety ratings. Features include measurement storage, PC interface, a warning function that alerts users that line voltage is present and gives the voltage reading up to 600VAC/VDC, 99 memory locations, and a battery that offers more than 750 tests between charges.
Circle 214

Ratcheting strain relief

Snap-In ratcheting strain relief can now be removed through insertion of standard snap ring pliers with 0.040-in. tips into the holes located on the outside of the part. The strain relief self-locks directly onto the cable and can be preassembled offline for final assembly at a later time or remote location. Available for one hole size (0.875 with 0.770 flats), the product is UL-recognized under file E15331 and installs with fingertip pressure into a standard round or double “D” hole. A wire locking ratchet allows for wire range from 0.115 in. to 0.575 in.
Circle 215

Trip unit kit

The EntelliGuard TU trip unit conversion/upgrade kit includes a Waveform Recognition Instantaneous Algorithm and Zone Selective Interlocking Instantaneous feature, which together can achieve HRC2 or better without sacrificing selectivity for available fault currents as high as 100kA, according to the company. In addition, the product includes a Reduced Energy Let Through feature (RELT) that provides enhanced arc flash protection during maintenance. Other features include flexible time current settings and curves, ground fault alarm via I/O or Modbus communications, the ability to display three phases on one screen, and 10 event log with date and time stamp.
General Electric
Circle 216

Grounding ring

The Aegis WTG wind turbine grounding ring is maintenance-free, effective at any rpm, and available for any size wind turbine generation, according to the company. The grounding ring is engineered to safety divert up to 120A of continuous shaft current at frequencies as high as 13.5 MHz and discharge up to 3,000V.
Electro Static Technology
Circle 217
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