Product News, February 2010

Solar light controller aiSUN combines a solar energy controller and LED driver into one unit. Featuring adaptive dimming and energy-management control, the product converts and stores solar light energy from the sun during the day. At night, the product powers high-flux LED lighting from the reserve energy in any one or a combination of five operating modes, including dimming, split-night, motion

Solar light controller

aiSUN combines a solar energy controller and LED driver into one unit. Featuring adaptive dimming and energy-management control, the product converts and stores solar light energy from the sun during the day. At night, the product powers high-flux LED lighting from the reserve energy in any one or a combination of five operating modes, including dimming, split-night, motion detector, wireless, and network integration. In addition, the product employs the A.L.L.Night algorithm, which the company says allows users to define a near-infinite combination of lighting levels and operating times to illuminate their facilities when desired and at what brightness level.
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Outlet and switch box plates

Bradley Construction Blanks (BCBs) are small, thin plates made of galvanized steel that are attached to outlets and switch boxes before sheetrock installation begins. According to the company, the plates protect wires from dirt, debris, and damage. In addition, multiple plates can be used on 2-, 3-, or 4-gang electrical boxes. Because they are metallic, the products can be found using a magnet in the event they are accidentally covered with sheetrock.
Bradley Construction Blanks
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Cable lubricant

These three lubricants are designed to protect cable during installation. Concentrated Multi-Purpose Cable Lubricant is designed for fiber, copper, and coaxial cables. Available as a spray, wipe, and pourable liquid, the company says this version provides immediate tension reduction that lasts after it has dried. Multi-Purpose Gel Cable Lubricant is a silicone gel containing microspheres for friction reduction. The gel is designed for heavier cable jackets and for indoor and outdoor environments. The Multi-Purpose Liquid Cable Lubricant is a low viscosity product that is formulated for longer cable pulls. It is designed for fiber, copper, and coaxial cables.
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Featuring a Tier 4, 50-hp engine, the E60 excavator extends the service interval of greasing the bushings to 250 hr, according to the company. The excavator also features a spacious cab with heating and air-conditioning. The operator seat adjusts nine ways, including moving or angling the armrests, joysticks, lumbar support, and seat bottom and back. A fixed instrument panel on the right side of the cab offers a central, easy-to-read display for all of the information the user needs on machine performance. Available with either rubber tracks or steel tracks, the product has a dig depth of 13 ft, 7 in.
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Socket sets

The Impact Ready line of accessories now includes two 10-piece socket sets (⅜-in. Drive - DW22838 and ½-in. Drive - DW22812). Unlike traditional sockets, these sockets drive on flats to reduce breakage and increase durability, according to the company. In addition, the sockets feature thin walls to allow users access to tight spaces. The tools come in a portable storage case that has enough room for eight sockets, two ¼-in. hex shank adaptors, and a 10-in. hand wrench (wrench is not included).
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LED downlights

To meet energy code requirements and achieve higher lumens per watt, the D4LED3 features a 4-in. LED 5W housing (120V or 277V) for high-efficacy benefits of up to 47 lumens per watt. The D4LED4 is a 4-in. LED 10W (120V or 277V) fixture for high-output capabilities. The D6LED3 features a 6-in. LED 14W housing (120V or 277V) that offers high-efficacy benefits (up to 57 lumens per watt, while the D6LED4 is a 6-in. LED 28W housing (120V or 277V) that provides high output capabilities up to 1,293 lumens. In addition, the downlights provide a minimum 50,000-hr life at 70 lumen maintenance, according to the company.
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Power distribution unit

Three models have been added to the company's line of power distribution units (PDUs). The Liebert MPX offers remote management capabilities. The Liebert MPH features real-time monitoring and control of connected loads, and operates with the same network interface platform as the Liebert MPX. Available in standard and high-power models, the Knurr Di-Strip offers expandable power distribution to equipment racks. All three models operate at temperatures up to 131°F.
Emerson Network Power
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Measuring 6.5 in., the 412 V-jaw pliers allow access to smaller spaces and provide a better fit for smaller pipes, according to the company. Featuring an undercut tongue-and-groove design for no-slip jaw action, the pliers enable more points of contact on smaller round stock and tubing, and the right-angle teeth grip in all directions for maximum bite and minimum wear. Constructed from high-carbon C1080 steel, the tool contains an electronic coating for rust prevention and features the company's comfort grips.
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This line of holesaws has been redesigned to drill faster, stay sharp longer, and provide a cleaner and safer cut, according to the company. The enhanced design includes a fully hardened tooth and 4-6 variable pitch for smoother cuts. In addition, the saws feature an oxide finish that resists rust and chip buildup. For added control and protection, the product can be used with the company's removable depth stop.
Greenlee, a Textron Co.
Circle 257

Digital time switches

This line of Sylvania digital time switches features Zip Set technology, which allows users to enter their local 3-digit area code to ensure the timers follow the sun. In addition, the products feature oversized LCD displays, NiCad batteries, and a 2-position Daylight Savings time switch.
Hardware Innovations
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Deburring tool

The Twist-a-Nut conduit deburring tool deburrs ½-in., ¾-in., and 1-in. thin-walled conduit tubing by reaming and smoothing the inside and outside edges. The head of the tool can be rotated manually with its supplied cushioned grip, or it can be removed and installed in any standard drill or cordless screwdriver. In addition, the tool features the company's universal Wire-Nut wrench molded into the grip to tighten and loosen twist-on wire connectors. The product also features a hooded tip to tighten EMT fitting set screws without slipping.
Ideal Industries
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Labor monitoring software

Singletouch software now includes Labor Monitor, a reporting functionality that illustrates productivity and percentage complete by cost code. According to the company, accurate details are entered only once, at the time and point where the transaction occurs, and delivered instantaneously to all stakeholders. An additional product feature is the Labor Monitor report, a custom report generated by the Project Control module. Within the report, cost codes for the project, each of which will have a materials, services, labor, subsistence and direct job expenses (DJE) budget amount associated with it, are documented and statistics determined against each code. The report also allows users to provide specific information about issues that may have impacted productivity.
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Construction software

Sage Project Lifecycle Management is a Web-based software program that features: a 24/7 online workspace; the ability to allow teams in multiple locations to collaborate online (in real time) across the building design, construction, and occupancy phases; online document management and visual drawing; improved internal security with a full audit trail; the ability to view the entire history of a built asset; and integrated communication with Microsoft Office Outlook.
Sage Construction & Real Estate
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Saddle box

The Weather Guard E-Line Model 143 saddle box features a secure locking system and a tamper-resistant, full-length, piano-style hinge. The box also features a removable toolbox and lift-out tote tray. Made of a reinforced aluminum diamond-plate body with an automotive-grade, baked-on powder-coat finish, the product's automotive-style latches, with a paddle handle mechanism, allow for single-handed opening.
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Wiring system

Connected Home structured wiring solutions organizes and distributes connectivity technologies throughout new residential construction. Featuring more than 1,000 products, the structured cabling connects each room on a direct run of high capacity Cat. 5e/6 and coaxial cable to a central enclosure called a Structured Media Center (distribution panel). This central system then manages and distributes voice, data, audio, and video signals.
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Construction software

Spectrum construction software now features a Service Request center to provide access to all information required to handle a customer's service request on a single screen. According to the company, the software lets users to create a new work order with a minimum number of keystrokes, typically within 20 sec to 45 sec.
Dexter + Chaney
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LED lamp

The EnhanceLite A19 Design White 9.8W LED lamp is designed for 100W incandescent and CFL replacement applications. The lamp is semi directional and has a total efficacy of 84 lumens per watt. Optimized for downlight applications, the product is tested and certified to UL1993, CSA 84, and UL8750. In addition, it is designed to surpass the Energy Star Integral LED Replacement Lamp specification scheduled to go into effect on August 31, 2010.
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Fuse holders

The CH Series of global modular fuse holders (MFH) offers up to 1,000VDC (30A) protection with open-fuse indication, making it suitable for alternative energy applications. The MFH design offers a reduced footprint, programmable logic controller (PLC) remote open-fuse indication for fast troubleshooting, 48VDC open-fuse indication with its Midget and Class CC versions, and IP20 finger-safe construction. In addition, the fuse holder accommodates a variety of fuses in four sizes: 8 mm × 32 mm, 10 mm × 38 mm, 14 mm × 51 mm, and 22 mm × 58 mm.
Cooper Bussmann
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Camera mounting kit

The Cam-Light Kit is a nonmetallic security camera mounting kit that can install almost any security camera on a suspended ceiling panel, according to the company. Product features include a drop wire for overhead support, mounting wings for attachment to the ceiling panel, and ½-in. and ¾-in. knockouts.
Arlington Industries
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The Hi-lume 3D line of multi-voltage ballasts is capable of dimming T5 linear fluorescent lamps to 1%, according to the company. Available in 1-light and 2-light configurations for 14W, 21W, and 28W T5 lamps, the ballasts are compatible with the company's 3-wire fluorescent controls and EcoSystem digital components, including the Grafik Eye QS and Quantum control options. Designed for commercial installation and retrofit markets, the 1-in.-high design installs into new construction or existing spaces, and integrates with low-profile architectural fixtures.
Circle 269


This LED lightbar is designed for places with tight space requirements, such as undercabinet and cove areas. Offering up to 50 lumens per watt at 3.3W per foot, the Title 24-compliant fixture has an extended run length of up to 8 ft with a 30W driver and 16 ft with a 60W driver. Offered in 6-in., 12-in., and 24-in. lengths, the product is available in 3,000K and 4,200K CCT, features flush end connectors, and measures ¾ in. wide × ½ in. deep.
Nora Lighting
Circle 270

Saddle box

The Weather Guard 127 saddle box features Extreme Protection, the company's tamper-resistant locking system. In addition, the box is equipped with new attachment points for securing tools and supplies in the truck bed. Featuring a reinforced aluminum body and powder-coat finish, the product includes an adjustable metal tray and a removable parts bin. Additional features include latch linkage protection, gas spring guards, lock guards that shield against shifting cargo, a 12V pass-through for recharging power equipment, and a full weather seal.
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