Product News, March 2010

Recording device The Simple Logger II Model ML912 is a 2-channel AC current recording device powered by alkaline batteries. The device incorporates two user-selectable measurement ranges of 0.5A to 100A and 5A to 1,000A. Additional features include 64 samples per cycle, programmable store rates from eight per sec to one per day, three user-selectable storage modes, DataView software, the ability to

Recording device

The Simple Logger II Model ML912 is a 2-channel AC current recording device powered by alkaline batteries. The device incorporates two user-selectable measurement ranges of 0.5A to 100A and 5A to 1,000A. Additional features include 64 samples per cycle, programmable store rates from eight per sec to one per day, three user-selectable storage modes, DataView software, the ability to store up to 240,000 measurements in non-volatile memory, and a 600V CAT III and 300V CAT IV rating.
AEMC Instruments
Circle 200

Nonmetallic enclosures

The Duraboxx Series of nonmetallic enclosures now includes additional sizes and clear cover options. The latest member, the Mighty Mite, measures 3 in. × 3 in. × 3 in. Additional models with new sizes include the D333W, D342W, and D593W. Clear cover window options are available for the DCC554W, DCC593W, and DCC594W models. All enclosures are suitable for single push-button or junction point electronic circuitry applications as well as small or remote LED readouts.
Stahlin Non-Metallic Enclosures
Circle 201

Bypass/isolation switches

The RTS Series of bypass/isolation switches is UL-labeled and -listed for 30-cycle closing and withstand ratings based on testing per UL Standard 1008. Available in continuous current rating from 100A to 3,000A, the company says the switches allow downstream overcurrent protective devices to clear a fault before upstream devices. Comprised of an automatic transfer switch with a manual bypass/isolation switch, the product allows the transfer switch to be isolated for inspection, maintenance, repair, or testing. In addition, they function as a manually operated backup transfer switch when the unit's automatic transfer switch is disabled or de-energized.
Circle 202

Conduit body

The OCAL-BLUE Form 8 PVC-coated cast-iron conduit body now carries UL Type 4X and NEMA Type 4X ratings on sizes up to 2 in. The UL Type 4X rating seal is achieved by finger-tightening the encapsulated stainless steel cover screws to 15 in./lb of torque, according to the company. Available colors include blue, gray, and white. Custom colors are also offered.
Thomas & Betts
Circle 203


The EX570 true rms multimeter features double-molded test leads and a magnetic hanging strap. The water-resistant meter also is equipped with a built-in non-contact IR thermometer with a laser pointer and comes standard with 1,000V input protection on all functions. In addition, the product features an internal memory system that allows for storage and recall of three measurements, a large backlit 40,000-count LCD with a 40-segment bar graph, and a CAT III-1,000V, CAT IV-600V rating with 0.06% basic DCV accuracy. Other features include hold, relative, and peak hold; Type K bead wire temperature probe; and a 9V battery.
Extech Instruments
Circle 204

Activation covers

The FloorPort Series of in-floor activation covers has been redesigned. Compatible with new and legacy Resource RFB Series floor boxes and Walkercell systems, the covers now feature a full-size handle that facilitates opening and closing. In addition, the products include a 1-piece hinge that allows them to open 180°. Egress doors have been enlarged and feature an automatic locking feature that the company says prevents them from pinching wires and cables. Designer color options include nickel, bronze, brass, gray, black, and brushed aluminum.
Circle 205

Termination enclosures

The HV4X and XHVX Series of high-voltage termination enclosures are for use in explosionproof/flame-proof and increased safety applications. HV4X enclosures, which feature a single door with clamped cover, are available in stainless steel 316L or 304. The 1 × 1 connection series is designed for shielded or unshielded cables up to 8kV at 500A, while the 2 × 2 connection series is for two parallel unshielded cables up to 2kV at 1kA total. Available sizes for the HV4X 1 × 1 series include 24-in. × 12 in. × 6 in. to 60 in. × 36 in. × 16 in., and sizes for the 2 × 2 series include 20 in. × 20 in. × 8 in. to 60 in. × 36 in. × 10 in. The XHVX Series includes the same connection options as the HV4X enclosure and is approved for use in Div. 1 and Zone 1 applications. They carry an IP66 rating and are designed for applications with maximum electrical ratings of 8kV and 1,000A.
Circle 206

LED luminaires

The 304 Series of LED luminaires provides more than 100 lumens per watt (LPW) and are scalable up to 12,000 lumens of delivered light output. Featuring a 2-level dimming option, the luminaires are for recessed canopy and soffit applications with petroleum symmetric optics. In addition, the products can be installed in single- or double-skin open-air petroleum station canopies and building soffits.
BetaLED/Ruud Lighting
Circle 207

Circuit breakers

Suitable for branch circuit protection, Fuji Electric BW Series molded-case circuit breakers offers standard type and high-interrupting capacities in identically sized housings. The 3-pole non-adjustable magnetic trip breakers, offered in sizes up to 800A, are also suitable for reverse-feed applications. The BW125A model comes in 12 sizes, ranging from 15A to 125A, while the BW250A models come in seven sizes, ranging from 125A to 250A. Both models are rated at 600V. The BW400 series features four sizes (250A to 400A), the BW630 series is available in 500A and 600A sizes, and the BW800 series comes in 700A and 800A frames. These three models are 480V rated.
Automation Direct
Circle 208

Biometric switch

The Harmony biometric switch is the first fingerprint-reading device designed for industrial environments, according to the company. The switch features two operating modes: on-off mode or pulse mode for momentary action. Authentication takes less than 1 sec, and the false acceptance rate is less than 0.1%. The product can remember up to 200 fingerprints, including several fingers from the same operator, and fits in a standard 22-mm push-button mounting hole. The product also resists mechanical shock and vibration, protects against EMC noise and UV light, meets IP65 and NEMA 12 standards, and offers an optional protective cover and guard.
Schneider Electric
Circle 209

Fiber-optic modules

FiberTEK FDX fiber-optic modules extend the capabilities of the company's LanTEK II LAN cable certifiers from certifying copper cabling links to the certification of multimode and single-mode fiber-optic cabling to Tier 1 standards. Fitting into the unit's adapter bay, the optional modules transform the LanTEK II into an alternative to traditional OTDRs for certifying or troubleshooting fiber backbones and fiber links. According to the company, field-changeable SC, ST, and FC adapters eliminate the need for hybrid launch cables. Available versions include: a multimode LED model, a multi-mode VSCEL/laser model, and a single-mode model with laser sources.
Ideal Industries
Circle 210

Fiber connectors

FastCAM SC and LC fiber connectors are now compatible with a visual fault locator (VFL) and allow termination on 250-µm, 900-µm, 2-mm, and 3-mm fiber cable. The pocket-sized VFL assists in diagnosing optical fiber damage by employing a bright red laser to locate faults, including tight bends, breaks, and defective connectors. The tool includes a 2.5-mm ferrule interface, 1.25-mm adapter, and soft carrying case. In addition two tool kits are available for FastCAM terminations. One kit includes the LYNX Cleaver, lint-free dry wipes, alcohol pads, jacket stripper, and a pocket to hold a VFL. The second kit adds a work tray and gooseneck LED.
Leviton Network Solutions
Circle 211

Current indicator

The AMPFlasher current indicator can accurately sense current draw without having to wrap the conductor through the hole multiple times, according to the company. Product features include a 5/16-in. ID suitable for conductors up to 100A; 500mA set point; flashing red LED; compact 1-in. package with cable tie; and UL 508 listing and RoHS-compliant certification. Additional options include pigtail outputs for remote mounting of LED or a normally open solid-state relay.
NK Technologies
Circle 212

Relay system

The Motor Insight overload and monitoring relay system is now available with PROFIBUS communications, in addition to the previously available Modbus and DeviceNet industrial protocols. The offerings include two separate modules, one with 24VDC input/output (I/O) and 120VAC I/O. According to the company, the addition of PROFIBUS allows the system to easily integrate with a user's preferred industrial network.
Circle 213


Featuring capacity from 1MW to 8MW, PowerBlock flywheel systems provide high-voltage support to overtaxed sections of electric rail systems. The flywheel charges from the third rail or catenary system, absorbing and storing regenerative energy as a train slows into a station. In addition, the product keeps voltage from sagging at problem areas of track to prevent slowdowns and limits on the number of cars per train.
Circle 214


Utility Full Cutoff Series luminaires comply with local lighting ordinances for reduced sky glow. The series includes lantern-style Utility Arlington, Utility Postop, and Utility Washington Postlite models. Product features include: horizontal lamp orientation, IP-rated optics with asymmetric and symmetric distribution options, third-generation die cast “M” housing and utility ballast module, tool-less access to the lamp and electrical gear, pre-wired internal terminal block door-mounted ballast components, and an internal photocontrol receptacle. In addition, they meet UL/cUL requirements for 40°C ambient and can be used with a range of low wattage high-pressure sodium and metal-halide lamp sources.
Circle 215

Outdoor LED luminaires

This line of 16 LED outdoor luminaires is designed for street lighting, area/site, wall-mount, parking garage, canopy, and pathway applications and offers up to 75% energy savings over traditional HID outdoor sources, according to the company. Featuring the company's modular LightBAR technology, which allows lumen and energy output to be scaled and optimized for each application, and AccuLED optics, the products are Dark Sky Compliant.
Cooper Lighting
Circle 216


This LonWorks communication option (Option LTP) allows the company's Class 3000 or Class 5000 meter or interval data recorder (IDR) to communicate up to 40 meter data parameters to any building automation system employing the LonWorks protocol. Electrical measurements provided include: energy and reactive energy, delivered and received (kWh); real power (kW), total and by phase; reactive (kVAR) and apparent (kVA) power, total and by phase; power factor (percent), total and by phase; and current (A), voltage (V) and phase angle (degrees) by phase.
Circle 217

Wiring system

The Lumberg Automation PowerCINCH is a pluggable quick-disconnect modular wiring system comprising factory-applied connectors over-molded onto cable to provide 25A feeder and 15A branch power distribution circuits up to 600VAC. The product includes a series of cordsets, t-taps, in-line reducers, receptacles, locking clips, and closure caps. The cordsets feature over-molded trunk cables for feeder circuits up to 25A, 600VAC and drop cables for branch circuits up to 15A, 600VAC. In addition, the cables are dual-rated (STOOW and TC/ER) and provide for the installation of a trunk/feeder line.
Circle 218

Grounding bar kits

These grounding bar kits help prevent theft of copper from indoor and outdoor installations. Kits include one 0.25-in.-thick grounding bar made of solid, cold-drawn copper (110 Electrolytic Tough-Pitch). Other features include two standoff insulators, two mounting brackets, and stainless spring-lock washers. In addition, the product features Truss Spanner security bolts and the No. 14 Truss bolt drill bit that the company says are virtually impossible to remove with a pair of pliers or any clamping tool. A Truss bolt drill bit is included to allow users to install or remove the security bolts. Custom stamping also is available.
Storm Security
Circle XXX

DC power supplies

The XLN Series of DC power supplies provide up to 1,440W watts of power in a compact 1U, full-rack case for rack mounting in an ATE environment or for bench top use. The series contains four base models with various output voltage and current selections and optional GPIB/LAN interface. All units include free application software for remote control capability without the need for computer programming. Base models use standard USB and RS485 interfaces with SCPI protocol. The optional GPIB and LAN interfaces include a built-in Web server, which allows users to control basic power supply settings through a Web browser. Other features include master and slave mode and comprehensive protection design.
B&K Precision
Circle XXX

LED cove light

The ew Cove MX Powercore LED cove light is the industry's first replacement for high-output fluorescent cove lights, according to the company. The fixture meets or exceeds the performance of T5HO or 2-lamp T8 fluorescent strip lights. In addition, the white-light, line-voltage fixture integrates auto-switching technology that automatically detects and adjusts to line voltages of 100VAC, 120VAC, 220VAC, 240VAC, and 277VAC. Delivering more than 600 lumens per foot, available color temperatures range from 2700°K to 4000°K. Color choices include blue, green, amber, and red.
Philips Electronics
Circle XXX

Explosionproof luminaire

This explosionproof luminaire uses 12/24V LED T-series lamps within its 4-ft, 2-lamp UL 844 Class 1, Division 1 and Class 2, Division 1 light fixture. Carrying a paint spray booth certification, the luminaire is suitable for use in remote locations that rely on battery backs or alternative energy generation designs.
Larson Electronics
Circle XXX

Fluorescent luminaires

HXP fluorescent luminaires for hazardous applications feature a factory-sealed cast aluminum housing and one-piece painted aluminum reflector with a 93% white finish. Multiple hub entries ensure installation flexibility, with the ballast case positioned on top of the fixture for further installation ease. For use with T5, T8, and T5HO florescent lamps in 2-ft, 2-lamp; 4-ft, 2-lamp; 4-ft, 3-lamp; and 4-ft, 4-lamp combinations, options include emergency battery backup and specular aluminum reflector. Recommended applications include Class I, Division 1, Groups C and D; Class I, Division 2, Groups A, B, C and D; Class II, Division 1 and 2, Groups E, F, G; and Class I, Zone 1.
Circle XXX

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