Product News, March 2010

Solar light controller aiSUN combines a solar energy controller and LED driver into one unit. Featuring adaptive dimming and energy-management control, the product converts and stores solar light energy from the sun during the day. At night, the product powers high-flux LED lighting from the reserve energy in any one or a combination of five operating modes, including dimming, split-night, motion

Solar light controller

aiSUN combines a solar energy controller and LED driver into one unit. Featuring adaptive dimming and energy-management control, the product converts and stores solar light energy from the sun during the day. At night, the product powers high-flux LED lighting from the reserve energy in any one or a combination of five operating modes, including dimming, split-night, motion detector, wireless, and network integration. In addition, the product employs the A.L.L.Night algorithm, which the company says allows users to define a near-infinite combination of lighting levels and operating times to illuminate their facilities when desired and at what brightness level.
Circle 250

Cord organizer

CableWraptor cord organizers feature an ergonomic “T” handle design. The product also includes a hang hole, one-touch release trigger, and extra large teeth. Other product highlights include a stainless steel hinge and cable tie looping hole.
Gardner Bender
Circle 252

Socket sets

The Impact Ready line of accessories now includes two 10-piece socket sets (⅜-in. Drive - DW22838 and ½-in. Drive - DW22812). Unlike traditional sockets, these sockets drive on flats to reduce breakage and increase durability, according to the company. In addition, the sockets feature thin walls to allow users access to tight spaces. The tools come in a portable storage case that has enough room for eight sockets, two ¼-in. hex shank adaptors, and a 10-in. hand wrench (wrench is not included).
Circle 254

Outlet and switch box plates

Bradley Construction Blanks (BCBs) are small, thin plates made of galvanized steel that are attached to outlets and switch boxes before Sheetrock installation begins. According to the company, the plates protect wires from dirt, debris, and damage. In addition, multiple plates can be used on 2-, 3-, or 4-gang electrical boxes. Because they are metallic, the products can be found using a magnet in the event they are accidentally covered with Sheetrock.
Bradley Construction Blanks
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Featuring a Tier 4, 50-hp engine, the E60 excavator extends the service interval of greasing the bushings to 250 hr, according to the company. The excavator also features a spacious cab with heating and air-conditioning. The operator seat adjusts nine ways, including moving or angling the armrests, joysticks, lumbar support, and seat bottom and back. A fixed instrument panel on the right side of the cab offers a central, easy-to-read display for all of the information the user needs on machine performance. Available with either rubber tracks or steel tracks, the product has a dig depth of 13 ft, 7 in.
Circle 253

LED downlights

To meet energy code requirements and achieve higher lumens per watt, the D4LED3 features a 4-in. LED 5W housing (120V or 277V) for high-efficacy benefits of up to 47 lumens per watt. The D4LED4 is a 4-in. LED 10W (120V or 277V) fixture for high-output capabilities. The D6LED3 features a 6-in. LED 14W housing (120V or 277V) that offers high-efficacy benefits (up to 57 lumens per watt, while the D6LED4 is a 6-in. LED 28W housing (120V or 277V) that provides high output capabilities up to 1,293 lumens. In addition, the downlights provide a minimum 50,000-hr life at 70 lumen maintenance, according to the company.
Circle 255

Split-duplex receptacle

The Vizia RF + line of radio frequency-based lighting and home controls now features a tamper-resistant split-duplex receptacle. The RF-enabled top outlet responds to command signals sent by Vizia RF + controllers as well as Z-Wave-compatible controllers from other manufacturers, while the standard bottom outlet provides constant power. The RF-enabled side can be used for wireless on/off control of plugged-in electrical loads up to 15A. Both the bottom and top outlets contain a shutter mechanism that only accepts a properly rated 2-prong plug. Other features include load sensing, LED time out, a locator LED that illuminates when the device is on, and 2-way status updating.
Circle 256

Storage products

Weather Guard storage products are designed for use with the Ford Transit Connect van. Product features include shelving units, 12-in. and 14-in. shelf widths, and a custom bulkhead that the company says provides protection against shifting loads, minimizes rattling, and optimizes space. For increased visibility, a wire mesh bulkhead is available along with wire mesh window screens. In addition, a variety of cabinets, drawer units, and floor storage options can be customized to specific requirements.
Circle 258

Wire connector

Gorilla Nuts connectors cover all red/yellow wire combinations for solid and stranded wire. The connectors can accommodate five 12 AWG conductors. Equipped with over-molded material that creates a cushioned and flexible grip, the connectors feature the company's Sharp Wire Technology (SWT) combined with duel-performing WorkSkirt, which protects overstripped wires and allows the product to fit into tight spaces, according to the company.
King Innovation
Circle 257

Time and attendance software

PocketClock/GPS for Blackberry software enables a BlackBerry smartphone to function as a portable GPS time clock and management tool. Part of the company's JobClock system, each time punch includes a GPS fix that provides the location of every clock in/out as well as the travel times between locations. In addition, time records and field notes can be sent to the office computer from nearly any location using the BlackBerry's Internet connection and the company's service.
Circle 259

Conduit cleaners

Heavy Duty Stiff Spine conduit cleaners feature hundreds of resilient, oil-tempered spring steel bristles that won't damage a conduit's surface, according to the company. Available sizes range from 2 in. to 6 in. in diameter (50 mm to 153 mm) and 4 in. to 5.25 in. in length (102 mm to 134 mm). In addition, the cleaners provide a work load capacity of up to 1,250 lb (567 kg). Other features include pulling eyes located on either end for pulling line attachment and looped bristles through the central mounting plate.
General Machine Products
Circle 260

Dimmable power supply

This dimmable LED power supply offers short circuit and overload protection, and is compatible with many residential dimmer switches. Encapsulated in epoxy and housed in a 304 stainless steel enclosure, the product is resistant to dirt, moisture, and corrosive elements. According to the company, the product can withstand a direct short in excess of 15 days, with no external fusing required. In addition, the product accepts multiple input voltages, including 120V, 240V, and 277V, 50/60Hz, with output configurable for 12VDC or 24VDC up to 60W. Limited power source output allows for Class 2 wiring, and standard electrical knockouts are provided on each side.
Foster Transformer
Circle 261

Outlet box

Set for a ½-in. wall thickness, the non-metallic IN/OUT box offers depth adjustment up to 1½ in. Designed for installing outlets in new construction, the box is suitable for use when final wall thickness is unknown. Compliant with 2008 NEC 314.20 for set-back boxes, the product's adjustment screw is accessible after the wall finish is in place. In addition, it mounts to either wood or steel studs.
Arlington Industries
Circle 262

Tape measure

The Auto-Lock tape measure features a 1-in.-wide blade with bold black numbers on both sides. In addition, the 25-ft tape measure features the company's Auto-Lock technology that automatically locks the blade into place when it's pulled out, which the company says eliminates snap-backs and enables one-person operation. Other product highlights include a high-visibility yellow casing and a thick, non-slip rubber boot that acts as a shock absorber for the blade tip.
Ideal Industries
Circle 263

Pre-fab assemblies

Total Ruff-In pre-fab assemblies with cut-to-length MC cable whips enable each room of a project to be boxed and labeled separately, with the first box for every room containing an engineering drawing depicting where each assembly and whip should be placed within the room. In addition, each assembly and whip is labeled to correspond with the engineering drawing.
Cooper B-Line
Circle 264

Connector system

The Saf-D-Grid connector system is designed for use in the direct connection of DC electronic devices to a DC micro grid. According to the company, the system is suitable for use in DC servers or any device connecting directly to renewable energy sources. The product meets international safety requirements for low-voltage applications to 400VDC, including UL950 and IEC60950. The low-profile panel receptacle is designed to fit the standard panel cut-out for IEC320 C14 outlets while providing touch-safe connections up to 20A at 600VDC. Hot plug rated up to 700A in-rush current at 400V, the product features a first mate, last break contact, and an integral latch.
Anderson Power Products
Circle 265

Cable lubricant

These three lubricants are designed to protect cable during installation. Concentrated Multi-Purpose Cable Lubricant is designed for fiber, copper, and coaxial cables. Available as a spray, wipe, and pourable liquid, the company says this version provides immediate tension reduction that lasts after it has dried. Multi-Purpose Gel Cable Lubricant is a silicone gel containing microspheres for friction reduction. The gel is designed for heavier cable jackets and for indoor and outdoor environments. The Multi-Purpose Liquid Cable Lubricant is a low-viscosity product that is formulated for longer cable pulls. It is designed for fiber, copper, and coaxial cables.
Circle 266

Drill bit

The Nail Eater Extreme has been enhanced to allow users to cut through up to three times more nails than competitor's products, according to the company. The cutting edge has been hardened for additional strength, and the product's ground shaft enables it to drill cleaner holes. Constructed from carbon alloy steel, the device features a single flute design that can be sharpened multiple time as well as a self-feeding tip.
Greenlee, a Textron Co.
Circle 267

Connectors and patch cables

Home 6 and Home 5e Cat. 6 and 5e connectors and patch cables are part of the company's Connected Home line. The connectors are available in standard and tool-free versions that meet or exceed T568A wiring standards. According to the company, the tool-free connectors feature a design that eliminates the need for punch-down tools and provides easy wire organization. Both styles are available in white, light almond, ivory, blue, grey, black, and brown. Ultra high flex and patch cables offer patching for computers and other structured wiring uses. Featuring a low profile that the company says allows for tighter radius connections and a cleaner finished appearance, the cables are available in white, yellow, red, and blue.
Leviton Network Solutions
Circle 268

Hole saws

The RUKO family of cutting tools now includes a line of hole saws and accessories. Available in sizes ranging from 9/16 in. (14 mm) to 8¼ in. (210 mm), these bi-metal saws feature up to a 1½-in. cutting depth and come in two models. High-speed steel models cut materials such as unalloyed steel, non-ferrous and light metals, plastics, plasterboard and light building boards, fiberboard, plywood, and wood. Cobalt 8 models feature fine cutting teeth for use on metals. Constructed with an alloyed steel 6135 jacket, the tools also feature high rotational precision, positive chipping and cutting angles, and good chip removal.
Automation Direct
Circle 269

Extension ladder stabilizer

This extension ladder stabilizer increases a ladder's base from 17 in. to 60 in. Adjustable to all site conditions, the stabilizer features a quick set design and does not compromise the integrity of a ladder or interfere with its use, according to the company. In addition, the product is compatible with straight ladders and is retractable for out-of-the-way storage.
Stablebase USA
Circle 270


ÅngströmBond 9320 is a low-stress heat cure epoxy designed for terminating multimode and single-mode fibers. According to the company, the epoxy has a working time more than twice as long as standard adhesives used for multimode terminations. Resistant to most chemicals and environmental conditions, the product allows for adhesion to glass, ceramic, metals, and most plastics without causing fiber core cracking or fiber pistoning. In addition, it is formulated with a blue color for ease of polishing and a high glass transition temperature.
Fiber Optic Center
Circle XXX

Toggle switch

The ESTS is a wall-mounted toggle switch that allows up to two ballasts and eight fluorescent lamps in a single fixture to be controlled. The product is designed for use with T5, T5HO, T8, and T12 linear fluorescent OEM new or retrofit interior light fixtures. For maximum energy savings, the switch initializes on a low light-level mode and can be adjusted to a higher light level with a toggle. According to the company, the device exceeds 100,000-cycle tests, giving it a 30-year operating life.
Thomas Research Products
Circle XXX

Saddle box

The Weather Guard 127 saddle box features a tamper-resistant locking system. Equipped with new attachment points for securing tools and supplies in the truck bed, the box features a reinforced aluminum body and powder-coat finish. The product also includes an adjustable metal tray and a removable parts bin. Additional features include latch linkage protection, gas spring guards, and lock guards.
Circle 264

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