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Product Spotlight, August 2011

Product Spotlight, August 2011

Product Spotlight, August 2011

IR Thermometer

The 2265-20 Laser Temp-Gun is an IR thermometer that allows users to check for surface hot spots. With a temperature range of -22°F to 662°F (-30°C to 350°C), the thermometer is accurate to within 1.5%, according to the company. Functions include the ability to display temperature values to one-tenth of a degree, a response time of less than 500 ms, and emissivity of 0.95. Featuring hold and max value functions, the product measures a 1-ft spot from 10 ft away and includes a high-contrast white on black display and backlight.
Milwaukee Electric Tool
Circle 300

Thermal Imagers

The P3 Series of thermal imagers now includes the Ti27 and Ti29 industrial models and the TiR27 and TiR29 models for building applications. All imagers allow voice annotation and feature a 3.7-in. diagonal, full VGA-color LCD display. The Ti versions measure temperatures ranging from -20°C to 600°C, while the TiR models measure temperatures from -20°C to 150°C. In addition, the industrial models feature a high-temperature color alarm, and the building models include a low-temperature or dew point color alarm.
Circle 301

Data Logger

The Simple Logger II Model AL834 is a 4-channel AC current data logger with four flexible current sensors. Each sensor is 24 in. long and is capable of wrapping around an 8-in. conductor. Featuring two measurement ranges of up to 300A and 3,000A, the data logger housing and the current sensors are water-resistant rated to IP 65. A selection of data storage modes and data sampling rates is user-programmable through the application software provided. According to the company, up to 1 million measurements can be stored in the product’s internal nonvolatile memory.
Circle 302

PV Panel Tester

The Solar Installation PV100 is a multi-function electrical tester for solar panel installations. According to the company, the tester can carry out all electrical tests required by IEC 62446 on grid-connected PV systems and eliminates the need for multiple test instruments for PV solar panel electrical installation and connection. Hand-held and battery-operated, the instrument eliminates the risk of contact with exposed live DC conductors. In addition, it can compare the performance of multiple strings and indicate whether the open circuit voltage or short circuit current measurements deviate by more than 5%.
Seaward Group USA
Circle 303
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