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Product Spotlight: Focus on Fasteners and Hangers

Product Spotlight: Focus on Fasteners and Hangers

This month, EC&M magazine spotlights fasteners and hangers from Cooper B-Line, Thomas & Betts, ERICO, and Platinum Tools


Seismic bracing attachment

The TOLCO Fig. 4LA seismic bracing attachment is available for piping sizes ranging from 1 in. to 12 in. Manufactured from carbon steel, the UL-listed device is designed to brace piping against sway and seismic disturbances. The attachment is pre-assembled with the necessary pieces and components that do not require additional assembly, while the universal design allows the product to be used in longitudinal and lateral applications. Additionally, the unit offers visual verification of installation with three break-off head fasteners.

Cooper B-Line

Circle 300


Cable hanger

The Kindorf Fast Cable Link is designed to suspend cable, conduit, and ductwork from industrial ceilings. Consisting of a length of steel wire rope and a self-locking cable-grip fastener, the hanger requires no tools for installation. Additionally, the product comes with either a hook or loop end for beam attachment. Features include a release pin that eases adjustment after inserting the wire rope into the fastener and stainless steel springs that keep the locking roller in constant contact with the wire rope.

Thomas & Betts

Circle 301




End fittings

The CADDY SPEED LINK universal support system now includes six new end fittings: angle bracket, decking hook, hammer-on flange clip, loop, threaded stud end, and shot-fire bracket. Designed as an alternative to using threaded rod, strut, and strut nuts, the system installs without drilling into a building structure. The product features a locking device, wire rope, and specialty end fitting, and works with a variety of extensions, accessories, and other CADDY fasteners. In addition to these new end-fitting options, the system includes four existing end fittings: hook, toggle, Y-hook, and Y-toggle.


Circle 302




Bridle rings

Designed for low-voltage applications, these threaded screw bridle rings attach with beam clamps on flanges up to a ½ in. The rings are constructed of solid, low-carbon steel and are available in various diameters and standard thread configurations. In addition, the products feature an electro-galvanized zinc finish and offer a maximum static load of 45 lb.

Platinum Tools

Circle 303

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