Product Spotlight: Focus on Lamps and Luminaires

Product Spotlight: Focus on Lamps and Luminaires

T8 LED lamps

ProLED T8 LED retrofit lamps consume 16W of energy and offer a 40,000-hr life, according to the company. Featuring a frosted finish, the UL-listed lamps are designed for use in -4°F (-20°C) to 122°F (50°C) temperatures. Additionally, the products are mercury-free, operate on 120V, and are available in either 4,000K or 5,000K color temperatures.

Halco Lighting Technologies

Circle 300



Troffer retrofit kit/strips

The LED RKT Series recessed troffer retrofit kit and LED RKL retrofit kit strips
allow users to upgrade to LED lighting with minimal modifications to the existing recessed troffer housing. The retrofit kit and strips replace traditional fluorescent troffers in lay-in or T-grid ceilings in a variety of commercial and institutional applications. Buzz- and flicker-free, the products are available in dimmable and non-dimmable models, and are compatible with all 0V to 10V building controls, motion sensors, timers, and daylight harvesting systems. The kits are offered in 45W 1-ft × 4-ft and 2-ft ×2 -ft models and 55W 2-ft × 4-ft models.


Circle 301



LED troffer and wraparound luminaires

Suitable for replacing T8 fluorescent luminaires, the Lithonia Lighting GTL LED troffer and LBL LED surface-mount wraparound luminaires deliver general ambient light for recessed ceiling applications. LED technology coupled with MVOLT (120V to 277V) drivers ensure color consistency and an expected service life of at least 50,000 hr, according to the company. Available in 2-ft × 2-ft and 2-ft × 4-ft configurations, the troffer features a frosted pattern No. 12 lens and smooth-hemmed sides. Offered in 2-ft and 4-ft models, the wraparound LED luminaire provides high-angle brightness control through a curved prismatic diffuser and linear side prism.

Acuity Brands

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T8 retrofit conversion kits

Two new part options are now offered for the company’s T8 Linear Fluorescent RetroFit Conversion Kits, making them suitable for use with linear LED engines that are classified per UL 1598C. Each kit includes bi-pin lamp sockets, RetroFit bracket socket plates, and self-tapping screws. In addition, the part numbers are fitted with “non-shunted” lamp holders that are suitable for T8-shaped LED tubes.


Circle 303

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