Product Spotlight: Focus on Luminaires

Product Spotlight: Focus on Luminaires

Garage/utility lamp, LED A19 lamps, and LED replacement lamps.

Garage/utility lamp

The LED-8025 garage/utility lamp is for low-bay applications in parking structures and warehouses. The 52W lamp is designed to replace up to 175W metal-halides. According to the company, the product features a 50,000-hr life, a CRI of 85, and a 5,700K color temperature. In addition, it operates to 50°C (122°F) and is UL-listed for damp locations.

Light Efficient Design

Circle 300


LED A19 lamp

This 40W equivalent A19 LED lamp features a shape similar to incandescent models, according to the company. Offering omnidirectional light distribution, the lamp is dimmable. In addition, the product comes in 2,700K and 4,000K color temperatures and features a 450-lm output.


Circle 301


LED replacement lamp

The EnhanceLite A19 Generation 2 line of LED replacement lamps now includes 75W and 100W models. The lamp offers 810-lm and 1013-lm output, respectively, at a 2,700K color temperature, delivering light levels equivalent to incandescent bulbs in standard downlight applications. Dimmable to 10% on most dimmers, the product offers a power factor greater than 0.9.


Circle 302


A19 LED lamp

The World Bulb is an omnidirectional 60W equivalent A19 LED lamp. Consuming 9W of electricity use, the lamp uses 35% less electricity than CFLs and lasts more than 50 times longer than conventional models, according to the company. Mercury-free, the RoHS-compliant product is dimmable to 5% on most dimmers.

Lighting Science Group

Circle 303

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