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Product Spotlight: Focus on Motor Starters, Speed Controls & More






Motor Starter

The Multi-Contactor Starter (MCS) controls 2-speed, 2-winding and 2-speed, 1-winding re-connectable motors. The starter features a built-in timer and control functions that reduce the number of separate components needed for the typical installation. Using power sensing rather than current monitoring, the starter is capable of detecting belt loss or coupling sheer accurately without difficult adjustments. Other features include damper control and fireman’s override (smoke purge), Class 5 to 30 electronic overload, and 120VAC to 480VAC operation.
Cerus Industrial
Circle 300



Speed Controls

Type ABL-3906C low-voltage brushless DC stock controls provide variable speed control for low-voltage BLDC (ECM) gearmotors and motors. The controls operate from a DC power supply or from a battery (12VDC or 24VDC, depending on the control model). Suitable for portable or remote applications where connection to an AC line is not possible, motor speed can be controlled by an external potentiometer, the onboard speed trim potentiometer, or a 0VDC to 5VDC analog input signal.
Bodine Electric
Circle 301


Motor Lead Disconnects

Blackburn Kube motor lead disconnects are installed by crimping the male and female disconnects onto the cables, plugging them together, sliding on the insulating boot, and securing it in place with two Ty-Rap cable ties (supplied). When the motor needs to be swapped out, users snip the cable ties, slip off the insulating boot, and unplug the disconnects. The product’s contacts and body are made of silver-plated, high-conductivity copper for a connection that meets or exceeds bolted-together connectors, while a stainless steel spring ensures a secure connection between the disconnects.
Thomas & Betts
Circle 302


Data Logger

The Hobo UX90 is a matchbox-sized, LCD-display data logger designed for monitoring run-times of motors, pumps, compressors, and other equipment. The logger records up to 340,000 equipment on/off cycle changes and uses the company’s HOBOware software to convert the recorded data into time- and date-stamped graphs. The software, which runs on a PC or Mac, features time-saving tools that allow users to batch-configure and readout hundreds of loggers in a fraction of the time it would take with previous generations.
Circle 303

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