Product Spotlight: Focus on Motors

Product Spotlight: Focus on Motors

Motor control center

The XT motor control center (MCC) uses 24VDC control power for commercial, industrial, and OEM applications. Featuring the company’s arc preventive FlashGard technology, communications-enabled versions of the MCC allow users to configure, control, and monitor their systems so that maintenance and operations personnel can address problems before they cause downtime or excessive energy waste. Users can also select from Ethernet/IP and Modbus TCP communications protocols. Additionally, a gateway can be added to enable communications with external devices using other network protocols.


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Bearing protection ring

The split universal mounting kit (Split uKIT) version of the Aegis SGR bearing protection ring protects the bearings of VFD-driven motors from electrical damage. Designed to allow quick and easy retrofitting of the ring on virtually any AC motor shaft without decoupling attached equipment, the product accommodates slingers, shaft shoulders, and other end bell protrusions. The kit includes a split Aegis ring, the halves of which are held together with a unique hinge that allows it to be opened on one side, then closed and fastened together with built-in adhesive-backed aluminum tabs, providing rigidity to the assembled ring.

Electro Static Technology

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Motor protection relay

The SEL-849 motor management relay features a compact design for motor control centers (MCCs), an easy-to-use web interface, and seamless integration with control systems. Offering current-, voltage-, and thermal-based motor protection, arc-flash detection, and power metering, the product also provides protection for: short circuit, load loss, load jam, frequent starting, imbalanced current, and phase reversal. The optional SEL-3421 and SEL-3422 Motor Relay human-machine interfaces (HMIs) install on the front of the MCC.

Schweitzer Engineering Labs

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Configurable to suit various applications, the Generation II Simotics 1FK7 servomotor line features seven shaft heights, a Quick-Connect power connector, and high-accuracy 20-bit and 24-bit field-replaceable encoders in 10 styles, all combined with a four-week lead time beginning July 1, 2013 — and ultimately reduced to three weeks beginning Jan. 1, 2014 on all models. The units offer three inertia versions: standard, high-dynamic for rapid acceleration jobs, and high-inertia for maximum smooth running. Additionally, the products are designed for operation without external cooling, as the heat is dissipated through the motor surface.


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