Product Spotlight: Focus on Protective Devices

Surge Suppression Filters

Model IR-2U-30T-120 surge suppression filters are designed for data center operations to shield uninterruptible power supplies and connected rack-mounted equipment and sensitive electronics from high and damaging surge energy let-through. Featuring total surge cancelation (TSC) technology, the filters are designed to remove any EMI/RFI fluctuations from power lines. Standard filters (30A capacity for two rack units and 120V applications) integrate a 30A locking plug and receptacle to avoid the possibility of inadvertent power disconnect.

Zero Surge
Circle 300


Double-Conversion UPS

With a footprint up to 50% smaller than the company’s previous GT Series, the VH Series is a 120V, UL-listed uninterruptible power supply (UPS) that features true voltage and frequency independent (VFI), double-conversion technology. When peak loads exceed the specification of the UPS, a fail-safe bypass creates an immediate and seamless transfer from inverter to bypass, ensuring a continuous supply of power to the load. In addition, the unit is capable of rapid switchovers to and from bypass via a static switch. Featuring swappable batteries that can be replaced in less than 1 min, the product is able to select between boost and float charging to provide a recharge within 2 hr.

GE Digital Energy
Circle 301


Rotary UPS

The VX Rotary uninterruptible power supply (UPS) is designed to provide “battery-less” operation that provides sufficient ride-through to ensure that the diesel gen-set can always be connected, even allowing for extended cranking periods. Available in 1,000kW, 1,250kW, and 1,500kW versions, features include an alternator that regulates the output voltage and generates clean and continuous power, an induction coupling that stores the kinetic energy necessary to support the load between the loss of the utility supply and the start of the diesel engine, a flywheel that automatically connects the diesel engine to the induction coupling when the diesel engine has come up to speed, and a reactor (choke coil) that operates in combination with the alternator as a filter for utility supply.

Vortex UPS
Circle 302


Power Factor Correction Line

This line of power factor correction products includes contactors, individual single- and 3-phase capacitors, as well as a 3-phase enclosed capacitor with a NEMA 4 enclosure. According to the company, these products increase energy efficiency and also increase system capacity by allowing additional loads using the same KVA. Other benefits include the reduction of watt loss; increased life span of motors, equipment, and conductors; and the reduction of reactive current on electrical networks within a facility.

WEG Electric
Circle 303

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