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ECM Product Spotlight Protective Devices

Product Spotlight: Focus on Protective Devices

Ground fault equipment protectors

The DS951 Series of 1P+N ground fault equipment protectors (GFEPs) withABB DS951 Series 1P+N GFEPs overcurrent protection are approved to UL 1053 as recognized components, making them suitable for installation in equipment and machinery addressed to the North American market. Equipped with a single 2-color red/green operating toggle, intervention of the device for ground fault is signaled by a blue indicator in a front-facing window.


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Surge protective devices

Type CH and BR circuit breaker surge protective Eaton Type CH and BR circuit breaker surge protective devicesdevices (SPDs) are suitable for applications where there is a high risk of lightning strikes or poor power quality. Featuring a direct bus mount that allows for superior protection and improved response time over traditional wire-in SPD installations, the devices are available in 30A and 50A configurations. Additionally, the SPDs pair a functioning 2-pole breaker with a surge protector, providing the necessary surge protection without using two positions in the load center.


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Surge protector

The SurgeGate modular rack-mount surge protector features a response time of ITW-Linx SurgeGate modular rack-mount surge protector 1 nsec to 5 nsec and offers six types of protection on a single 12-module rack: Cat. 5 E-LAN, Cat. 5 E-POE, Cat. 5 E-75, Cat. 5 E-235, T1, and Telco CO line. UL 497 listed and tested to TIA standards, users can install anywhere from one to 12 modules, depending on surge protection requirements. Because the single rack comes with a common grounding wire, there is no need to ground each of the individual modules.

ITW Linx

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The SB1600 Series Industrial Shock Block (ISB) is designed to meet the new Littelfuse SB1600 Series Industrial Shock Block (ISB) requirements for special-purpose GFCIs defined by UL 943C. The Class C GFCIs are to be used on systems where the line-to-line voltage is 480V or less with a trip level of 20mA, while Class D GFCIs are for use on 600V systems. ISB is also available with adjustable protection settings as an EGFPD. The EGFPD models can be set to trip at 6mA, 10mA, 20mA, or 30mA. ISB (GFCI & EGFPD) is available for voltage from 208V to 600V with a maximum full load current of 100A, and a built-in overcurrent protection supplied by Littelfuse Class T fuses. Two options for enclosures are available: UL-recognized open-chassis models for installation in existing electrical enclosure, and UL-listed enclosed models include a NEMA-4X enclosure for stand-alone installations.


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