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Product Spotlight: Focus on Raceway & Wireway

Product Spotlight: Focus on Raceway & Wireway

Overfloor raceways, wire ducts, flexible ENT's, and PVC raceway.


Overfloor Raceway

The Wiremold OFR Series overfloor raceway system provides four channels of capacity and access to a range of power, communications, and A/V connectivity. The raceway system attaches directly to carpet, tile, and wood, and users do not have to remove or cut into existing floor coverings. Featuring a paintable, textured black powder-coat finish, the cover is difficult to remove without proper tools, to discourage unwanted access. The product also includes transition fittings to feed from Wiremold DS4000, 4000, and 2400 Series wall-mounted raceways as well as from Vista Point5 architectural columns.
Circle 300


Wire Duct

White and blue options have been added to the company’s line of wire duct cabinet add-ons. With UL and CSA approvals, the new colors are made from PVC material with a V0 inflammability rating per UL 94. The wire duct features “fingers” with two score lines on the ducts, allowing for easy removal. According to the company, the flexible fingers will not snap when the user runs wire through them. In addition, the product includes a notched score line that eliminates the need for notching pliers to break off the fingers. Available sizes include 25 mm to 120 mm in 2-m lengths.
Phoenix Contact
Circle 301


Flexible ENT

Carlon Flex-Plus electrical nonmetallic tubing (ENT) is designed for use in walls, floors, and non-plenum ceilings. Lightweight and hand-bendable, the ENT enables users to employ one continuous length from box to box, eliminating the need for couplings. In addition, the product is approved for use in non-load-bearing wall assemblies with 1-hr and 2-hr fire-resistive ratings, as well as load-bearing wall assemblies with 2-hr fire-resistive ratings. Accessories include adapters, couplings, mud box assemblies, stub downs, and outlet and switch boxes. Available colors include yellow, red, and blue.
Thomas & Betts
Circle 302


PVC Raceway

Designed for trenchless applications, SceptaCon PVC raceway is available in 10-ft and 20-ft lengths. The raceway spline-lock snaps into place in a recessed opening to ensure the spline does not snag during pull-throughs. Made from Schedule 40 PVC, the product features joints that can be quickly joined by hand for a water-tight seal. In addition, it can be assembled one pipe length at a time and then pulled underground.
Ipex USA
Circle 303

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