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Designed for one-handed use, Models OX5022 and OX5042 handscope oscilloscopes feature two isolated channels, color screen, LED backlit display, multilingual help screens, and 2 MB of storage. The shockproof instruments can be used as a 20-MHz or 40-MHz oscilloscope, an 8,000-count multimeter with power measurements, or a built-in harmonic analyzer out to the 31st harmonic (fundamental between 40 Hz and 450 Hz). While in multimeter mode, it is possible to store graphic recordings of 2,700 measurements from 5 min to 1 month. Isolated USB communication with the SCPI protocol is also available.

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Digital Multimeter

The 28 II Ex digital multimeter (DMM) allows measurements inside and outside of hazardous zones, and meets global intrinsic safety (IS) standards, including ATEX, IEC Ex, and cETLus. According to the company, the product is drop-proof up to 3 m (9.8 ft) with a sealed, IP67-rated case for protection against dust and water. In addition, the tool can withstand 8,000V spikes caused by load switching and faults on industrial circuits. Features include a 20,000 count display, true-rms AC voltage and current, the ability to measure up to 1,000V and 10A AC and DC, and a low-pass filter. A built-in thermometer function measures temperature from -200°C to 1,090°C (-328°F to 1,994°F).

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Circuit Breaker Analyzer

The TM1700 features galvanically isolated inputs and outputs that allow users to perform measurements in a single test, eliminating the need for new set-up and reconnections. According to the company, these inputs time both wet and dry contacts independent of polarity and without the need for input configuration. If the contact is not galvanically isolated, it can only be used on wet contacts having the same common. Available in four models from PC remote-controlled to stand-alone, all analyzers can be managed from a computer using CABAWin software. Other features include high-resolution analog channels with 16-bit A/D converters and 40-kHz sampling rate.

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Shaft Voltage Test Kit

The Aegis shaft voltage test kit is designed to measure and document VFD-induced voltages. According to the company, the kit can test every VFD-controlled motor in a production plant, office building, mechanical room, or anywhere VFD-driven motors are operating. Features include a replaceable probe tip that contains high-density conductive microfibers to ensure continuous contact with a rotating motor shaft.

Electro Static Technology
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