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Product Spotlight: Focus on Wire and Cable

Product Spotlight: Focus on Wire and Cable


Halogen-free cable

Part of the company’s 17 FREE offering, Carol Brand Carolprene Types SOOW and SJOOW rubber portable cord features an increased temperature rating of 105°C and the TRU-M

ark Sequential Footage Marking system to facilitate cable management. According to the company, the cord does not contain any chlorine, fluorine, bromine, or iodine, making it an environmentally friendly product.

General Cable

Circle 300



Heat-trace cables

The 2700 Series of self-regulating heating cables features multi-layer construction and supplies a specified amount of heat at any point along the length in direct response to local temperature variations. Capable of maintaining temperatures up to 150°F, with intermittent exposure to 185°F, the cables are offered in output wattages of 3W/ft, 5W/ft, 8W/ft, and 10W/ft at 50°F. In addition, the products accept 110VAC to 227VAC supply and can be cut and terminated in the field, safely overlapped, and will not overheat or burn out. Offered in ordinary and hazardous configurations, the cables are FM, CSA, UL, and CE approved.

Heat Trace Products

Circle 301



Patch cord

Part of the Uniboot product line, Skinny-Trunk fiber-optic patch cord now features a 33% reduced diameter and bend radius, changing it from 3 mm to 2 mm. The small diameter ensures that critical airflow paths in the data center are not blocked. Available in plenum rating, the cord features a shorter connector body and offers a maximum insertion loss of 0.15 dB per LC.


Circle 302



VFD cables

The company’s line of variable-frequency drive (VFD) cables now includes
250 MCM, 350 MCM, and 500 MCM sizes. MCM VFD cables support installations of up to 250-hp motors at 460V. Rated for use in exposed-run cable trays, direct burial, and in wet or dry conditions, the cables are suitable for use in noise-sensitive applications or in any damp or wet environment where reflected wave voltages may degrade PVC/nylon conductors. In addition, they can be used with virtually all VFDs, as well as for use as shielded power cable for other solid-state devices.


Circle 303



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