Product Spotlight- October 2011

Product Spotlight- October 2011

Product Spotlight- October 2011

AC Power Line Protectors

The PT Series of AC power line protectors contains high peak current fuses and large thermally protected varistors for protection from transients. Suitable for use on local and branch service panels, generators, transfer switches, dedicated equipment, OEM equipment, and residential applications, product features include a set of relay contacts for remote monitoring, LED status indicators, and a NEMA Type 1 powder-coated steel enclosure. Also available is an optional NEMA 4X outdoor-rated enclosure in two kit sizes with a clear, hinged cover to allow viewing of protector status without opening the unit.

MCG Surge Protection
Circle 300


The Edison JHL Series of 600VAC/450VDC Class J fuses combines the performance of high-speed semiconductor fuses and the convenience of Class J branch-circuit fuses in one small package, providing protection for AC and DC drives and controllers. Suitable for use with power semiconductor devices that use diodes, GTOs, SCRs, or SSRs, as well as electronic motor controllers, the fuses are available in 1A to 600A sizes. In addition, the devices are current limiting and are designed with no intentional time delay to open quickly on overload.

Circle 301

Solar PV Fuses

The 74-10FC Solar Protection Fuse Series is designed for photovoltaic (PV) systems. Measuring 10 mm × 38 mm, these midget fuses protect PV modules and their conductors from reverse overcurrent conditions. In addition, the product is RoHS-compliant and UL-recognized to safely interrupt circuits up to 1,000VDC.
NTE Electronics
Circle 302

Overload Relays

Sirius 3RB24 electronic overload relays now feature IO-Link communication technology. According to the company, IO-Link represents an open, standardized, and manufacturer-independent system for the uniform connection of sensors and switching devices to the control level. Contactors that are connected to the overload relays provide integrated motor protection and communication advantages, including readout of motor current and diagnostics. Rotary switches allow for easy setting of the device’s motor current and the required trip class.

Circle 303

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