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Product Spotlight, September 2011

Product Spotlight, September 2011

Rotary hammer

The M18 Cordless 7/8-in. SDS Plus rotary hammer provides a 2× longer life than competitive cordless rotary hammers, according to the company. Powered by Li-ion batteries, the rotary hammer delivers 0 rpm to 1,400 rpm and 0 bpm to 4,800 bpm. Offering 1.8 ft-lb of impact energy, the tool features 3-mode operation and variable position chisel stop. A mechanical clutch protects the motor when the bit binds, an anti-vibration system (AVS) minimizes vibration, and Digital Power Management (DPM) overload protection prevents damage to the tool and battery in abusive situations. Available in two models — each measuring 11.75 in. long — the 2605-22 weighs 7.2 lb while the 2605-20 weighs 5.7 lb.

Milwaukee Electric Tool
Circle 300


The Gen 2 line of 18V Li-ion-powered drills includes two Brute Tough models for heavy-duty applications and two Compact Tough models for medium-duty applications. The Brute Tough drill/driver and hammer drill/driver weigh 4.7 lb and 4.9 lb and measure 8.25 in. × 9.9 in. and 8.75 in. × 9.9 in., respectively, which the company says makes them up to 15% more compact and up to a ½ lb lighter than competitors’ products. The Compact Tough drill/driver weighs 3.4 lb with a SlimPack and 4 lb with a FatPack, and features a head length of 7 in. The Compact Tough hammer drill weighs 3.6 lb with a SlimPack and 4.2 lb with a FatPack, and features a head length of 7.5 in. All models feature a 4-pole motor as well as an all-metal gear train and clutch.

Bosch Tools
Circle 301

Power tools

The ProVL Series of Li-ion power tools includes the LSD-36 pivoting drill/driver, LDD-144 drill/driver, LCS-144 metal cutting circular saw, LRH-144 rotary hammer drill/driver, LDD-216 drill/driver, LHD-216 hammer drill/driver, and LRH-288 rotary hammer. The LDS-144 combination kit, consisting of the LCS-144 circular saw and the LDD-144 drill/driver, is also available. In addition, all products feature a battery temperature sensor, a 2-stage charging method for faster charging, and a 2.8A-hr battery rating.

Greenlee, a Textron Co.
Circle 302

Crimping tool

The T&B 6-ton battery-powered crimping tool weighs 6.4 lb and operates with one hand. Suitable for crimping service entry connectors and lugs as well as splicing up to 300kcmil copper or 4/0 AWG aluminum wire, the product head includes fixed 5/ 8-in. BG and D crimp grooves, an O-die insert, and is compatible with all W-style dies. In addition, the product’s jaws automatically return to the open position after completing a crimp, but the setting can be disabled to facilitate operation in confined positions.

Thomas & Betts
Circle 303
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