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Wall box controller The DRLV1 wall box controller can be used to dim or switch lighting loads or raise and lower shades. According to the company, the controller is the first device to include an input that allows automatic control by an occupancy sensor when used for lighting control. In addition, the product is RF-enabled and is the first 0V to 10V wall box controller that can be incorporated into

Wall box controller

The DRLV1 wall box controller can be used to dim or switch lighting loads or raise and lower shades. According to the company, the controller is the first device to include an input that allows automatic control by an occupancy sensor when used for lighting control. In addition, the product is RF-enabled and is the first 0V to 10V wall box controller that can be incorporated into a wireless scene control system.
Watt Stopper/Legrand
Circle 200

Wire strippers

The Reflex Super T-Stripper is the first product of its kind to be UL and VDE listed and certified to 1000VAC, according to the company. The insulated tool features an orange outer-surface handle that resists oil, perspiration, water, and chemicals. In addition, the product's permanently bonded inner-surface handle is bright yellow to act as an “at-a-glance” safety monitoring system, letting the user know when it's time to replace the tool. Large finger stops guard against accidental contact with exposed metal tool parts, and sleeves are extended to the stripping head to cushion the user's thumb and fingers.
Ideal Industries
Circle 201

Transfer switch

The TripleSwitch manual transfer switch can be used with a permanent generator and existing automatic transfer switch. Features include a quick connect solution for a backup portable generator, solution for permanent generator load bank testing, interlocking mechanism that prevents cross-connecting power sources, safety-interlocked door and dead front panel, utility and generator disconnects, and color-coded cam-style receptacles.
ESL Power Systems
Circle 202

LED luminaire

The Arrow hart line of commercial specification-grade LED luminaires now includes four additional models. The LNL1 and LNL4 Series feature a choice of vertical or horizontal louvered faceplate, while the LNL2 and LNL3 Series both feature a vertical scoop faceplate. In addition, the LNL2 is equipped with an illuminated on/off push-button switch for instant light activation. All models include a polycarbonate lens, die-cast aluminum faceplate, and operate on a standard 12V power supply. Featuring a 20,000-hr rating, the LNL1, LNL3, and LNL4 models are available in white, amber and red. The LNL2 is available in white. Faceplate color choices include white, black, and brushed-nickel for the LNL1, LNL3, and LNL4, and white for the LNL2.
Cooper Wiring Devices
Circle 204

LED light panel

This LED light panel is constructed of optic acrylic plates and features CNC machined v-cut light distribution grids on its back. With a thickness of 0.88 mm, the panel offers an input voltage of 12VDC, a color temperature of 3,500K or 5,300K, an operating temperature of -40°C to +35°C, and a 70,000-hr life span, according to the company. Dimmable, the unit is available in standard as well as custom shapes and sizes.
Fawoo Canada
Circle XXX

Power box

The Plastic Power Box is a UL-approved device made of UV-resistant extruded PVC. According to the company, the product is easy to install and supplies power to the gondola with a wide variety of power distribution options. In addition, the product features a separate channel for low-voltage applications, including Cat. 5, phone, and video, and users can modify merchandising displays in minutes.
D&P Custom Lights & Wiring Systems
Circle XXX

Photoelectric sensors

The View Series of photoelectric sensors is comprised of the company's IntelliView and NanoView product families. The IntelliView sensors are a family of compact specialty photoelectric sensors. The NanoView sensors are a family of subminiature rectangular photoelectric sensors designed for applications and industries where optical performance is important but smaller, less expensive sensors are required.
Circle 203

Power distribution units

The P1070 Series includes five vertical surge-protected power distribution units (PDUs) all listed to the UL 1449 Edition 2.5 standard. Featuring a clamping voltage rating of 400V and a peak surge current rating of 18kA, the PDU provides circuit breaker protection and LED indicators for power, surge protection, and grounding/polarity. In addition, they are available for 120V input voltage in 15A and 20A configurations.
Circle 204

Automatic transfer switch

The Zenith ZTE Series 40A to 4,000A automatic transfer switch (ATS) features expanded diagnostics, built-in test and outage reporting, power quality metering, and high-speed alarm capture capability. In addition, the product features built-in serial and Ethernet networking and user-configurable alarms. Other features include integrated connectivity and alarm management, onboard data logging, and high-speed waveform capture capability.
GE Digital Energy
Circle 205

LED luminaire

The LRP-38 is designed to replace 50W to 90W halogen PAR38 bulbs. Using the company's TrueWhite technology, the UL-listed lamp generates a CRI of 92 at a color temperature of 2,700K. In addition, the device delivers a center beam candlepower of 4,000 with a beam angle of 20°. Input power is 12W, resulting in a total delivered minimum efficacy of 42 lumens per watt. According to the company, the lamp is designed to last 50,000 hr in open track fixtures or 35,000 hr in non-IC commercial recessed downlights.
Circle 206

Occupancy sensor

This wireless occupancy sensor features front-accessible buttons for easy setup and an illuminating lens to verify suitable locations. The sensor also has user-replaceable batteries that the company says are designed to last up to 10 yr. In addition, up to 10 dimmers or switches can communicate with a sensor via radio frequency, and users can add up to three sensors for enhanced coverage. The product also can be programmed to operate as a vacancy sensor.
Circle 207

Clamp meters

According to the company, the Fluke 772 and 773 milliamp clamp meters are designed to accurately measure the minute amount of current (4mA to 20mA signals) that flow through control system circuits without having to shut down the system, break the circuit, and insert a test instrument. In addition, the clamp meters feature simultaneous mA and % span readings, 0.01mA resolution on 20mA applications, detachable jaw, and built-in flashlight. They are also IP 40 rated.
Circle 208


Smart transformers feature full-scale dimming on as low as a 25% load as well as silent operation. Compliant with the UL 2108 safety standard for abnormal short circuit protection, the transformers can communicate and differentiate an abnormal short circuit versus a normal short circuit in the system, according to the company. The products also include an auto-reset feature, thermal overload protection, and soft-start technology.
WAC Lighting
Circle 209

Variable-speed drive

The Altivar 12 variable-speed AC drive features an intuitive user interface and a new generation of components that is designed to provide a 10-yr service life or more, according to the company. Offering almost 150 application-specific advanced functions, the drive also features conformal coating in key areas to protect circuit boards from dust, moisture, and other airborne contaminants. Installation requires only a screwdriver, and the rotary adjustment and navigation button provides fingertip access to the unit's programming.
Schneider Electric
Circle 210

Clamp-on meters

Models 670 and 675 true rms clamp-on meters feature a full set of measurement ranges. Designed to measure and display amps and volts at the same time, pressing the meter's display key toggles the bottom display to show frequency. In addition, the products are autoranging and sized for one-handed operation. Other features include a tapered and hooked jaw design, a jaw opening that accommodates one 750kcmil or two 350kcmil cables, and an easy-to-read 9,999-count LCD with comprehensive user information symbols. Both models also are equipped with a data hold function that freezes the measurement for later viewing and a min/max and peak function to capture signals.
AEMC Instruments
Circle 211

LED luminaires

Available in corner- and surface-mount models, the SecurityLED line of vandalproof luminaires features the company's white LED TEMPR thermal technology. Constructed of heavy-gauge steel housings, the luminaires also feature polycarbonate lenses, stainless steel tamperproof fasteners, and polyester powder-coated finishes.
Albeo Technologies
Circle 212

Protective relay

The EDR-3000 protective relay provides 3-phase and ground overcurrent protection with reclosing capabilities. According to the company, the device offers multiple setting groups, reducing arc flash energy levels and providing zone interlocking to enhance coordination. In addition, the panel-mounted, self-contained unit operates from either AC or direct current DC control power. The product also provides true root mean square (RMS) and fundamental sensing of each phase and ground current.
Circle XXX

Design/engineering software

The Autodesk 2010 line of 2D and 3D design and engineering software includes more than 50 products that offer new features and functionality as well as enhanced tools for digital prototyping, BIM, infrastructure modeling, sustainable design, and analysis. The 2010 software for infrastructure modeling includes AutoCAD Map 3D software, Autodesk MapGuide Enterprise software and Autodesk Topobase software. In its digital prototyping solution for manufacturers, the assembly stress analysis and motion simulation tools in Autodesk Inventor Professional 2010 help users simulate and optimize their designs early in process the while a circuit builder tool in AutoCAD Electrical 2010 software enables users to analyze the energy efficiency of circuits. In addition, Autodesk Moldflow 2010 software includes an energy usage indicator.
Circle XXX

Energy monitor

Web-Mon is an Internet-enabled energy monitor that provides energy data via any standard Internet browser. According to the company, the device requires no add-on software or programming to provide a “dashboard” display of various energy parameters of up to 24 meter inputs. Real-time meter data is displayed alongside historic reading from the previous 7, 30, and 365 days.
Circle XXX

Masonry and junction box

MudRunner is a 2-box system comprised of a 4-in. × 10-in. masonry box and a mating 12-in. × 12-in. junction /pull box. The masonry box is cast into concrete slabs along with rigid conduit or flexible PVC tubing called ENT or “smurf tube.” Once the concrete hardens and form boards are removed, the junction box bolts directly to the masonry box to allow wires to be pulled through.
Grady Research
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