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Automatic transfer switch The Zenith ZTE Series of 40A to 4,000A automatic transfer switches features expanded diagnostics, built-in test and outage reporting, built-in power quality metering, high-speed alarm capture, power system testing, built-in serial and Ethernet networking, and user-configurable alarms. Able to be custom programmed using the company's FlexLogic, the device also includes auto

Automatic transfer switch

The Zenith ZTE Series of 40A to 4,000A automatic transfer switches features expanded diagnostics, built-in test and outage reporting, built-in power quality metering, high-speed alarm capture, power system testing, built-in serial and Ethernet networking, and user-configurable alarms. Able to be custom programmed using the company's FlexLogic, the device also includes auto load shed, onboard data logging, and the ability to time synchronize multiple ZTE transfer switches on an Ethernet network to a site building automation PC or satellite-based time server.
GE Digital Energy
Circle 200

MR lamps

ProLED MR11 and MR16 lamps use up to 80% less energy compared to standard halogen lamps by producing up to 46 lumens per watt, according to the company. Offering a 30,000-hr life, the lamps are dimmable, mercury-free, and do not project heat or UV. Both models are available in warm white and natural white. MR16 versions also come in amber blue, green, and red with beam spreads of 25°, 40°, 60°, and 120°.
Halco Lighting Technologies
Circle 201

Multimeter software

Models 287 and 289 true-rms logging multimeters feature an upgraded version of Firmware V1.1 software. New software features include zoom on trend that provides the ability to view and analyze TrendCapture data and see detail at X5 magnification; rotary switch memory with switching positions between AC or DC (A/mA and µA); enhanced Trend View graph plot; and adjustable recording and auto hold thresholds that enable users to specify a percentage change in the reading that will begin a new event.
Circle 202

Power supplies

The PSG Series of general-purpose power supplies is designed to cover the majority of 24VDC control applications. Featuring global certifications, a small footprint, and an operating temperature range from -20°C to 75°C, the series includes eight DIN-rail-mounted power supplies, with varying input and output ratings, ranging from 2.5A to 20A. When flammable materials are present, Class I, Division 2 protection guards the products from sparking, according to the company.
Circle 203

Cable length meter

The TrueLength cable length meter helps users find and repair existing cable problems or verify new installations. According to the company, the meter is suitable for working on any single or two conductor cable; features multiple wire gauge settings (12 preset and 12 user-programmable); and includes four selectable tones when in tone generation mode. Additional features include the ability to measure distance to opens or shorts, 9V battery operation, and an audible indicator for shorted wires.
Circle 204

Overload relays

Self-powered ESP200TM overload relays replace the company's line of ESP100 overload relays. Easily configured without software or manuals, the relays deliver repeat accuracy of 99%, according to the company. In addition, field-selectable Trip Class 5, 10, 20, or 30 can be set by two DIP-switches, and the FLA dial allows for a wide adjustment range (4-to-1). DIN rail-mounted, the UL-listed, CSA-certified product features removable, touch-safe terminals and a visible trip indicator. It is also available with automatic and remote reset features.
Circle 205

Thermal imager

The HeatSeeker thermal imager incorporates the company's Auto Hot/Cold Tracker technology to automatically pinpoint the hottest and coldest temperatures within a single screen by highlighting both with dual cursors. For enhanced accuracy in the field, the imager captures a “real” digital photo of the subject, which is then blended with a full infrared picture to provide added detail to the image under review. Depending on the complexity of the image, users can choose to blend the digital photo with 25%, 50%, or 75% infrared to better identify suspected components. In addition, the digital and thermal images can be shown simultaneously in the display.
Ideal Industries
Circle 206

Metal-detectable cable ties

Pan-Ty metal-detectable cable ties are now available in both polypropylene and nylon 6.6 materials. According to the company, polypropylene provides enhanced resistance to harsh cleaning chemicals. In addition, three added sizes of cable tie mounts in both materials are available.
Circle 207


Areamaster luminaires feature a one-piece pressure-clad housing machined from copper-free aluminum and are finished with bronze polyester for resistance to corrosion. For added protection against adverse environments, the lens is made of thermal-shock, impact-resistant glass. According to the company, an Alzak aluminum reflector maximizes energy efficiency and promotes brighter lighting.
Circle 208

Disconnect switches

These disconnect switches and accessories are now available for 200A fusible, 200A non-fusible, and 400A non-fusible applications. Featuring a smaller footprint than previous models, the units accept a direct-mount handle to comply with NFPA79 requirements. Other features include the capability to add additional auxiliary contacts if desired and flexible mounting feet that allow for the disconnect switch to be mounted in almost any position.
Cooper Bussmann
Circle 209

Circuit tracer

The CS-8000 Circuit Seeker circuit tracer features nondirectional sensing technology that frees users from having to continually orient the receiver while tracing a conductor on a nonlinear path, according to the company. In addition, the product has the ability to switch to manual gain, providing enhanced sensitivity control when a traced signal varies along a conductor's path. Using visual and audible signals in an ergonomically designed handset, the device also is able to trace concealed wires without power interruption on circuits ranging from 0VAC/VDC to 750VAC/VDC and has the ability to locate breakers for any circuit, live or open.
Greenlee, a Textron Co.
Circle 210

Battery packs

The Minuteman EXL Series of extreme runtime battery packs for mission critical applications is compatible with the Minuteman Endeavor online and EnterprisePlus line interactive UPS solutions for enterprise IT, security, and VoIP phone systems. According to the company, the series offers users up to five times more in battery runtime for their UPSs.
Para Systems/Minuteman Power Technologies
Circle 211

Fluorescent lamps

The XPS Series of fluorescent T8 lamps offers an extended rated life of up to 36,000 hr, according to the company. Featuring a high CRI rating and a range of color temperatures, the lamps have a shatter-resistant safety coating that the company says safely contains almost all glass, mercury, and phosphors in the event the lamp is broken.
Circle 212

AC motors

Baldor•Reliance RPM AC motors feature compact square laminated steel frames for inverter duty and vector duty applications. Available from stock in totally enclosed fan or blower-cooled and drip-proof models from 3 hp to 1,000 hp, the motors feature low-inertia for use on high-response applications. In addition, the products are designed for use with adjustable-speed drives.
Circle 213

Receptacle cover

Designed for single-pole panel-mount receptacles, this receptacle cover is constructed of rugged cast aluminum and features an abuse-resistant self-closing lid that prevents incidental contact with an energized conductor. The Type 3R-rated lid contains a foam gasket that seals out contaminants, debris, rain, dirt, snow, and sleet when the cover is not in use. In addition, the product accommodates 90° 17 and 19 Series male and female panel-mount receptacles and 22 and 23 Series female panel-mount receptacles of cam-type designs. Available in five colors, it can be mounted in four rotational locations.
Circle 214

Explosionproof LED

The Model 27XL explosionproof LED luminaire with XLT light is now available with a clear lens option. The product produces 60 high-intensity flashes per minute and operates on 24VAC/DC, 120VAC, and 240VAC 50/60 Hz. Field configurable to either steady burning state or flashing mode, the product is UL-listed for Class I, Division 1, Groups C and D; Class II, Division 1, Groups E, F and G; Class I Division 2, Groups A, B; and Class III. It is also marine-listed and type 4X rated and constructed to IP66. Corrosion resistance is achieved with a powder epoxy finish applied over the copper-free aluminum housing. All exposed hardware is 316 grade stainless steel. With an effective candlepower (ECP) of up to 134, it also features a standard low in-rush circuitry.
Federal Signal
Circle 215


The Powercube family of UL-listed, TP-1-compliant transformers is designed for data center, industrial, and commercial applications. Rated 30kVA to 1,000kVA, the product's optional Wavestar monitors with PDI Q can be factory or field installed. According to the company, a 240°C thermal shielding between windings provides enhanced safety and extends operating life. In addition, welded tap connections and large flat bus termination points eliminate hot spots.
Circle 216

DC power supplies

The DM Series narrow profile DIN rail DC switching power supply features slimline metal units, measuring as small as 1.26 in. wide and plastic units as small as 0.9 in. wide. Featuring snap-on mounting, the product includes single-phase and 3-phase power supplies. To meet multiple industrial applications, three versions of single-phase units are available: standard metal single-phase, slimline metal single-phase, and a plastic single-phase product. Available off-the-shelf, the power supplies come in 31 different models ranging from 15W to 960W with output voltages from 5VDC to 48VDC. All units feature a “DC OK” LED indicator for identifying local output status, and most models can be connected in parallel to provide redundancy.
Acme Electric
Circle 217

Occupancy sensor

Designed for retail applications with refrigerated cases, the FS-705 wide-angle PIR occupancy sensor detects motion in aisles in order to turn display lighting on when a customer approaches and off when it is not needed. The sensor may also be used to control general lighting and vending machines. This passive infrared device detects motion from two directions and covers a 30-ft × 14-ft rectangular area. In addition, the product's sensitivity is adjustable, the time delay is selectable, and coverage can be reduced to 22 ft × 12 ft, if desired.
Watt Stopper/Legrand
Circle 218


This expanded line of floor-mount encapsulated units is available in 30kVA, 45kVA, and 75kVA with aluminum or copper windings. The UL-listed products also are available with optional stainless steel enclosures and a variety of standard voltages. In addition, the units include a top wiring compartment for easy access and terminal connectors rather than wires.
Jefferson Electric
Circle 219

Wire and cable

This series of wires and cables complies with the machine-tool wire (MTW) requirements of NFPA Standard 79 (NFPA 79) and UL 1063. The products are rated at 600V and use a flame-retardant insulation that is also resistant to oil, moisture, and coolants. Maximum operating temperatures are 90°C in dry applications and 60°C for cables exposed to oil, moisture, or coolants. In addition, the products are available with all-PVC constructions and PVC jacket with PVC/nylon insulation.
Alpha Wire
Circle 220

Wall switch occupancy sensors

Square D commercial grade wall switch occupancy sensors are available in ultrasonic/passive infrared (PIR) dual-technology versions and an ultrasonic-only model. Available in single- and dual-circuit configurations, the sensors feature a walk-through mode, while the dual-circuit wall switches feature a lamp-saver mode. In addition, the ultrasonic sensor detects major motion up to 27 ft and minor motion up to 20 ft, according to the company.
Schneider Electric
Circle 221

Motor control center

The Allen Bradley brand Centerline 2500 with ArcShield option provides arc flash protection in a low-voltage motor control center (MCC) per IEC/TR 61641:2008 for arcing durations up to 300 msec. In addition, the ArcShield option features a pressure relief system that exhausts gases through the top of the enclosure without front ventilation. The unit also includes automatic shutters that isolate the distribution bus when removing units and insulated power bus closing plates located on the ends of each MCC lineup.
Rockwell Automation
Circle 222

Direct/indirect luminaire

According to the company, the Enform-MAX uses a single 26W T5 lamp and lower ballast factor (0.95) to achieve a 32% reduction in energy consumption compared to similar direct/indirect linear systems. In addition, the luminaire consumes 0.43W per square foot to deliver 35 footcandles of illumination. UL- and cUL-listed, the company says the pendant-mounted 8-ft modules can be rapidly installed and joined using internal fasteners and through wiring systems.
Circle 223


EPAct/NRCan compliant, these transformers meet the NEMA TP-1-2002 and C802.2 energy-efficiency standards at an efficiency range from 35% to 65% of rated linear or nonlinear loads, according to the company. Rated for 600V and below, the Sentinel and SuperSentinel lines of transformers are designed for linear loads and are suitable for general load applications. In addition, both lines can be ventilated, totally enclosed, or encapsulated. The Synergy Series is a K-Factor distribution transformer designed to address harmonic-related activity associated with nonlinear loads. The Centurion Series is a harmonic mitigating transformer featuring zero sequence flux cancelation technology.
Hammond Power Solutions
Circle 224

Renewable energy meter

The GreenMeter allows users to monitor energy generation and operations of their wind or solar renewable systems. Information can be viewed locally or online using the meter's built-in Web-server interface. In addition, the product allows for continuous monitoring of up to four AC and four DC power sources, and can monitor battery bank status. It can also measure wind speed, solar irradiance, and ambient air temperature.
ICP Solar Technologies
Circle 225

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