Lightfair International's 2008 Innovation Awards

The 19th Annual Lightfair International (LFI), held May 26 to 30 at the Las Vegas Convention Center, drew more than 19,800 registered attendees from around the globe. Billed as the world's largest annual architectural and commercial lighting trade show and conference, LFI 2008 featured 510 exhibitors, including 110 first-time exhibitors and 91 international exhibitors. A highlight of the event is

The 19th Annual Lightfair International (LFI), held May 26 to 30 at the Las Vegas Convention Center, drew more than 19,800 registered attendees from around the globe. Billed as the world's largest annual architectural and commercial lighting trade show and conference, LFI 2008 featured 510 exhibitors, including 110 first-time exhibitors and 91 international exhibitors.

A highlight of the event is the LFI Innovation Awards, an annual awards presentation recognizing the industry's most innovative product designs and technologies. LFI received 184 submissions for the 2008 program, and each product was judged by an independent panel of lighting professionals.

LFI Innovation Awards “Best of Category” honors were given to 14 different products, with five of these category winners selected for special awards, including The Technical Innovation Award, the Design Excellence Award, the Judges' Citation Award, the LFI Attendees' Choice Award, and the Most Innovative Product of the Year Award — the event's top honor. The following pages offer an overview of this year's winners and why they earned a place among the best.

Most Innovative Product of the Year


SPOT Version 4.0 software assists in quantifying the electric lighting and annual daylighting characteristics and associated energy use of a space. Version 4.0 includes spatial, spectral, and power curves for specific photosensor manufacturers based on the “2007 NLPIP Specifier Report on Photosensors” by the Lighting Research Center. Additionally, SPOT Version 4.0 includes daylighting metrics for both the USGBC Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED) and the Collaborative for High Performance Schools rating systems, calculating compliance with required criteria and generating printable reports.
Architectural Energy
(Also winner of the LFI Attendees' Choice Award and the Research, Publications, Software, and Unique Applications category)

Design Excellence Award


The Q-Set direct burial series of watertight multi-tap transformers includes nine models of toroidal transformer cassettes that range from 2½ in. to 5 in. in width. Each Q-Set is crafted with a custom-designed, 50A large-capacity terminal block to hold a maximum of seven 14 AWG wires, five 12 AWG wires, four 10 AWG wires, or two 8 AWG wires.
(Also winner of the Landscape, Pool, and Fountain Luminaires category)

Technical Innovation Award


The Sylvania PowerSHED is an instant-start bi-level ballast with a built-in power line carrier (PLC) signal receiver for automated dimming response. Designed to receive the PLC signal from the lighting control panel, the ballast will immediately shed up to 30% of its load, according to the company. By relying on PLC technology, users can add demand-response capabilities without having to pull extra wires to the fixtures. In addition, the PLC injector system is adaptable to many control methods, including manual switching, AC relays from building management systems, or secure Internet-connected remote units.
Osram Sylvania
(Also winner of the Ballast and Transformers category)

Judges' Citation Award


The EverGEN solar area light employs LED optics. According to the company, the luminaire has an extended lamp life of up to 60,000 hr and requires no scheduled maintenance for up to 5 years. Featuring simple pole-top installation, the product's 10W, 20W, and 30W solar engines slip fit onto a 3-in. diameter round pole, while the 50W and 80W solar engines mount to the side of a 3.5-in. or 4-in. diameter round pole.
Carmanah Technologies
(Also winner of the Roadway, Sports, Floodlights, Outdoor Architectural, and Site Lighting category)

Judges' Citation Award


Measuring 42-in. × 22-in. × 36 in., the Haiku chandelier is constructed of recycled glass and hand-forged iron. UL-approved for dry locations, the chandelier is illuminated by CFLs. In addition, the product's glass is available in various colors and textures.
Strini Custom Lighting
(Also winner of the Chandeliers, Pendants, Sconces, Task Lights, and Decorative Luminaires category)

Conventional Lamps


DimSlim is a dimmable T5 fluorescent lamp with the ability to simulate different Kelvin temperatures and intensities while integrating sunlight harvesting. Employing a 3-pin fixed or flexible modular linking system, the lamp provides a continuous line of light, according to the company. In addition, it is compatible with DALI, DSI, and DMX using a signal translator. The product's dimming range is rated from 3% to 100% — saving 80% of energy consumption at its lowest light level.
Feelux Lighting

Specialty Lamps


The LIFI STA-40-01 is a dimmable 250W street and area lamp that delivers 22,000 lumens with 120 lumens-per-watt source efficiency and 30,000 hr life, according to the company. Additional product features include a color rendering index of 95, instant-on with no restrike time, and energy-saving modes, such as daylight harvesting, occupancy sensing, and demand-response dimming.

Downlights, Wallwashers, and Accent Lights


The Calculite ColorWash Linear is an architectural solid-state red, green, blue, and amber (RGBA) luminaire with an average expected life of 50,000 hr, according to the company. Comprised of a frame-in kit and a reflector trim, each fixture is self-contained with below-ceiling access. Additional product features include an extruded aluminum heat sink housing and a 0¡Æ to 45¡Æ vertically adjustable reflector housing.

Fluorescent Troffers, Suspended, and Surface Luminaires


Available in 1-ft ¡¿ 4-ft, 2-ft ¡¿ 2-ft, and 2-ft ¡¿ 4-ft sizes with 1, 2, or 3 lamp options, the Corelite Class R Series includes a Class R1 ultra-shallow model that features 1¨ú -in. depth and Class R2 shallow unit that features 2¨þ-in.-deep housing. Recessed, direct-indirect light can be installed into condensed plenum, enabling reduced overall building height without sacrificing desired ceiling height. Shielding options include lensed, micro baffle, round perf, and rectangular perf. In addition, the products work in tandem with a variety of dimming and control solutions.
Cooper Lighting

Track, Low-Voltage Cable, and Rail Systems


The CTL8028A22MBT Optica is a 22W adjustable CMH track fixture. The product features a cool-to-the-touch adjustment knob that allows users to change the beam distribution from spot to narrow flood to flood. Additionally, the fixture provides lockable, precision aiming adjustment with 360¡Æ horizontal and 180¡Æ vertical rotation.
Con-Tech Lighting

Theatrical and Specialty Luminaires


The LUMISYS LED signboard consists of LED chips and polymer-based films coated with transparent and conductive nanomaterial. In addition, the product's flexibility enables designs with special curves and waves, and it lightweight design allows it to be installed into rigid substrates, such as glass.
Top Nanosys

Industrial, Vandal, Exit, and Emergency Lighting


The Bodine BSL23C emergency LED pack works in conjunction with an AC driver to convert LED fixtures into emergency lights. The product operates an LED load up to 3.1W at full rated current (200 mA) during loss of normal AC power. According to the company, the unit supports emergency lighting for a minimum of 90 min. UL-listed for factory or field installation, it is suitable for downlight applications.

Controls and Daylight Integration Systems


This wireless photocell features a 90-ft range and incorporates 48 bit identification codes to prevent problems with other items in the system. In addition, the unit's ears allow for mechanical mounting or suspension in the middle of an area. Measuring 1.75 in. × 0.75 in. × 1.25 in., the company says the photosensor has a curve similar to the human eye.
Lighting Control & Design

Specialty, Hardware, Lampholders, Components


The Re-LT5-G2 is a dimmable second-generation solid-state lamp replacement for T5, T8, and T12 fluorescent sources. Designed for new or retrofit applications, the product features 80 lumens-per-watt LEDs, 180° rotation, and universal voltage.
Bartco Lighting

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