Motor management relay

Motor management relay

Rather than featuring one product per day, Editor-in-Chief Mike Eby is scouring through the hundreds of product submissions we receive each month to bring you what he considers the most noteworthy offerings.

In keeping with my recent trend of picking products that offer multiple functions, the Power Xpert C445 motor management relay from Eaton protects the motor, reduces integration costs, and enhances personnel safety. This product is a great fit for the heavy industries market sectors, such as the oil & gas and paper & pulp industries. I also like the communications feature of this product, which allows for remote monitoring and troubleshooting.

Applications that already incorporate motor protection solutions can integrate the C445 into the system based on the compact footprint requiring 30% less panel space than the leading competitive solutions. With Eaton’s Voltage Loss Restart algorithm, users can eliminate dedicated control systems by programming the relay to implement automatic reacceleration schemes in the event of a power failure.

The product also offers a local user interface display and communication capabilities. This provides users with detailed system data to simplify installation, commissioning, and maintenance.

Designed to withstand harsh environments, the relay is engineered with personnel and process safety in mind with its built-in safety solutions, including the ability to provide safe protection of motors in potentially explosive areas (conformance with ATEX directive 94/9/EC). The device is also RoHS-compliant and meets UL, CSA, and CE standards.


For more information, visit the product landing page.

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