Cimarron Outdoor LED surveillance luminaire

Outdoor LED surveillance luminaire

Rather than featuring one product per day, Editor-in-Chief Mike Eby is now scouring through the hundreds of product submissions we receive each month to bring you what he considers the most noteworthy offerings.


Combo tools and test instruments that perform more than one function have gained popularity in recent years. This new luminaire from Hubbell Lighting and TOTUS Solutions proves you can take the same approach on the lighting product front.

Featuring an Ethernet-controlled LED luminaire, 360º hemispheric camera, and communications platform, the Spaulding Lighting Cimarron LED iTSP surveillance luminaire can perform surveillance and analytic functions based on specific needs. The Active Deterrence feature offers the ability to flash lights and broadcast audible messages or alerts when occupancy is detected. Offered with either 30 or 60 LEDs, the product comes in 3,000K, 4,000K, or 5,000K color temperatures with lumen outputs ranging from 8,844 to 13,675. Creating a single product that can illuminate an outdoor space, monitor activity in the area, and offer fully integrated control makes perfect sense. Plus, it’s highly efficient to boot — providing up to 70% energy savings versus legacy site lighting.

Hubbell Lighting and TOTUS Solutions

For more information, visit the product landing page.

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