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Eaton Selective Coordination Designer v10 selective coordination tool

Selective coordination tool

Rather than featuring one product per day, Editor-in-Chief Mike Eby is scouring through the hundreds of product submissions we receive each month to bring you what he considers the most noteworthy offerings.

Free to use, the Selective Coordination Designer (SCD) v1.0 tool from Eaton simplifies the design process of selecting overcurrent protective devices in keeping with NEC requirements for selective coordination of systems that supply life safety loads and public safety, as well as for applications where up-time is important.

To use SCD v1.0, simply enter your circuit (system) details for the portion of the circuit requiring (selective) coordination; enter the attributes of the devices and conductors in your circuit; view and select device solutions; and export and print the system solution.

The tool provides device combination solutions that coordinate/selectively coordinate in the instantaneous region of the time-current curve based on the circuit/system attributes provided by the user. SCD1.0 solutions also consider assembly detail, fault current detail, device information, conductor information, as well as others. Additionally, it can estimate fault current and conductor sizing based on the system and device attributes, as well as verify the conductor range of the devices.

Although the tool helps users select various overcurrent protective devices that will selectively coordinate, it does not replace complete short-circuit and coordination studies.


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