Video camera scopes

Video camera scopes

Five models have been added to the company’s line of video camera scopes

Five models have been added to the company’s line of video camera scopes. The Seeker 200 features a 2.4-in. LCD color monitor for real-time viewing with a 12-mm flexible camera tipped probe. A 1-m-long probe is provided with the unit; optional probes up to 10 m are available. The Seeker 300 features a 3.5-in. LCD color monitor as well as a 12-mm flexible and configurable camera tipped probe with adjustable LED lighting. The Seeker 400 features a wireless high-resolution 3.5-in. thin-film transistor (TFT) LCD color monitor that can be detached from the base unit for remote viewing more than 30 ft away. The unit allows users to view live action, take still photos in JPEG format, or record AVI-format video continuously for up to 3 hr. The High Performance Data Logging Video Borescope has a 3.5-in. TFT LCD QVGA color monitor that allows for real-time visual observations and comes with a built-in rechargeable battery that can record for up to 4 hr. Featuring a water-, oil-, and dust-resistant probe, the unit includes a 5.5-mm camera tip and comes with a 1-m obedient probe but will accommodate optional probes up to 30 m. The Wireless Data Logging Video Borescope features a high-resolution TFT LCD QVGA display screen on the base unit with a detachable wireless probe, which allows communication up to 160 ft away.

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