2006 Product of the Year Category Winners

  • Ballasts
    EcoSystem(TM) Fluorescent Dimming Ballast
    Lutron Electronics Co., Inc.
    EcoSystem redefines fluorescent lighting control by providing daylighting, automated energy management, and personal control in a simple, cost-effective system. EcoSystem connects directly to sensors and wall stations without interfaces or power packs. Suitable for any size project, up to 64 EcoSystem ballasts can be connected on a simple two-wire control bus that is topology-free and polarity-free.

  • Boxes & Enclosures
    ONE-Box(TM) Non-Metallic Outlet Box
    Arlington Industries, Inc.

    One-Box non-metallic outlet box for new or old work mounts securely to a wood or steel stud with captive angled screws. In new work, is the box too far forward or back? Back out the screws, and then reposition. For old work, mount to stud; not drywall. Super-secure installation, 22.5 cu. inch capacity, and UL listed.

  • Computers & Software
    The Jobclock System
    Exaktime, Inc.

    The Jobclock System eliminates handwritten timecards. The Jobclock is an all-weather, battery-powered time clock that remains at each jobsite 24/7. Workers touch in and out with ID Keytabs kept on their own keyrings. Attendance is collected with a PDA and transferred to the PC where 100% accurate reports can be printed or exported to various accounting systems.

  • Conduit & Cable Fittings
    LiQuik(TM) Liquidtight Conduit Fitting
    Cooper Crouse-Hinds

    Cooper Crouse
    No disassembly required with this innovative, labor-saving liquid tight conduit fitting, so it can be installed in just two easy steps. Unique, patent-pending product. Available in 3/8" to 2" insulated and non-insulated styles. UL, cUL listed.

  • Connectors & Terminating Devices
    WeatherProof(TM) Wire Connectors
    Ideal Industries, Inc.

    Ideal’s new WeatherProof Wire Connectors are the fastest, easiest, and safest way to connect wires in damp or wet locations. Pre-filled with a silicone-based sealant and UL listed to 486D, these connectors protect conductors from moisture, humidity, and other corrosive elements.

  • Construction Equipment
    PoleJack Light Pole Lifting Unit
    Maxis Corp.

    The Maxis PoleJack is a convenient tool to install, remove, or maintain parking lot light poles. The PoleJack easily attaches to a concrete pole base and will lift or lower poles up to 30 feet tall and weighing 300 pounds with only a portable drill.

  • Fasteners, Hangers & Accessories
    Kindorf Angler(TM) Pipe & Conduit Clamp
    Thomas & Betts

    Thomas Betts
    The one-piece Angler Pipe and Conduit Clamp is quick and easy to install. Just snap apart the two halves of the strut strap, fit to the pipe or conduit, slide the pre-threaded bolt through the innovative keyhole-shaped opening in the strap, and tighten. An extruded, tapped threadform holds it securely.

  • Lamps
    Fast Warm-Up Compact Fluorescent Lamp
    GE Consumer & Industrial

    GE Lighting
    GE introduces 4-pin plug-in Triple Biax Compact Fluorescent Lamps (CFLs) that warm up to full brightness 50% faster than our current lamps. This new product features an enhanced internal design so that their warm-up time to full brightness is reduced by approximately 50%, so they provide immediate flicker-free light.

  • Lighting Components & Systems
    CheckMate(TM) ET1 Remote Control Test Device
    The Bodine Co.

    CheckMate ET1 brings remote control testing to existing exit signs and emergency lighting wall packs. Users simply point-and-click to test monthly (30 seconds) and annual (90 minutes) emergency operation from up to 32 feet away. The easy-to-install CheckMate makes it easy to meet code requirements and helps ensure building occupant safety. One handheld WHRCT remote control transmitter (sold separately) is required and can be used to test any unit equipped with a CheckMate ET1. Multiple WHRCT transmitters are not needed.

  • Lighting Fixtures
    SaVi SHO LED Floodlight
    Super Vision International

    Super Vision
    The SaVi SHO is a new architectural Super High Output full spectrum (RGB) LED floodlight. It features the world's brightest RGB LED lighting system for unmatched performance. It is capable of 16 million colors and is fully controllable by DMX. Color effects include static colors, fades, and single-color rotation.

  • Motors, Drives & Motor Controls
    IT.S811 Communicating Soft Starter
    Eaton Corp.

    The IT.S811 Communicating Self Starter is a compact, multi-functional product designed to control motor acceleration and deceleration in 12-1000 amp. Industrial and material handling applications. Featuring simple installation and an easily programmable interface, the S811 provides an intuitive human interface with powerful configuration tools to maximize system performance.

  • Portable Test & Measurement Equipment
    SureTest® Circuit Tracers
    Ideal Industries, Inc.

    The SureTest Circuit Tracer provides unparalleled levels of precision and performance. The innovative, super-bright, SwivelDisplay(TM) rotates the reading for the user. The exclusive displayed numeric value (0-99) and variable tone/pitch audible maximizes the ease-of-use when identifying breakers and tracing wires and when finding opens/shorts.

  • Power Conditioning Equipment
    CoolAir DC Energy Storage System
    Active Power

    Active Power
    CoolAir DC is the world's first and only energy storage system to offer an environmentally safe, minute-for-minute alternative to batteries. Using patented thermal and compressed-air storage technology, CoolAir DC delivers an innovative backup power solution for mission-critical UPS applications while generating cool air to combat dangerous temperature fluctuations.

  • Power Distribution Equipment
    Auxiliary Power Heavy-Duty Safety Switch
    Eaton Corp.

    Electrical and HVAC contractors now have a better way to comply with a new NEC power source requirement. The Auxiliary Power Heavy-Duty Safety Switch delivers a rooftop power source for servicing heating, air conditioning, and refrigeration equipment, saving contractors from running a separate 120V circuit to the roof.

  • Power Sources
    Power Sentry® Battery Pack
    Lithonia Lighting

    The Power Sentry emergency battery packs from Lithonia Lighting feature a reduced-profile design to fit in the tightest of applications, such as low-profile lensed troffers and 3-inch louvered parabolic fixtures. An innovative Quick-Disconnect wiring harness makes field maintenance and upgrades quick and easy. Optional self-diagnostics; damp and wet location are also available.

  • Protective Devices
    Surge-Trap(TM) TVSS
    Ferraz Shawmut, Inc.

    The Surge-Trap TVSS features a patented, thermally protected MOV that eliminates the need for additional overcurrent protection and provides a 100kA short circuit interrupting rating for superior point-of-use overvoltage protection. DIN rail and direct mounting options, built-in visual indication, and remote indication features are available.

  • Raceway & Wireway
    Metal Raceway Systems
    Hubbell Wiring Device-Kellems

    Hubbell’s Metal Raceway gives you a choice of steel or aluminum and single- or multi-channel raceways in addition to a quality line of color-matching power and datacom devices. Hubbell’s Metal Raceway features innovative technologies like the Hubbell Handi-Screw for easy box mounting and more data capacity with the 750 and 4000 series raceways.

  • Racks & Cabinets
    XDF Plug-and-Play Enclosure System
    Liebert Corp.

    The Liebert XDF extends the “mini-computer room” concept pioneered by Liebert to the requirements of high-density server and communications equipment. It uses an air-, water-, or glycol-cooling system, fully integrated into a Liebert Foundation enclosure, to create a safe working environment for sensitive electronics.

  • Security Equipment & Systems
    SITELOCK(TM) Wireless Alarm System
    Dewalt Power Tools

    SITELOCK is a portable, wireless alarm system designed specifically for the construction industry using patented wireless technology to monitor simultaneously numerous pieces of equipment or areas. SITELOCK helps decrease the amount of theft occurring on jobsites by alerting the owner if a sensor is disturbed.

  • Specialty Products
    LV Switchgear Remote Racker
    GE Consumer & Industrial
    Now you can rack drawout breakers in low-voltage switchgear remotely, from up to 30 feet away, for greater safety. GE’s electric remote racking device connects to WavePro or Entelliguard breakers in Entellisys and AKD-10 low-voltage switchgear, delivering security that’s been available in medium voltage gear for years.

  • Tools (Hand)
    BURNDY® PATCUT 18V Cutting Tool

    FCI Burndy
    The PAT81KFT-18V is a battery-powered tool that provides 6 tons of crimping force. The ergonomic design allows for one-hand operation and features a dieless latch head with 360° head rotation. The PAT81KFT-18V range-taking capabilities are UL and CSA listed for copper (code, compact, and flex) and aluminum (code and compact) conductors when used with BURNDY terminals and splices.

  • VDV Equipment
    Duraport Industrial Connectivity Products
    Leviton Manufacturing Co.

    DuraPort Industrial Connectivity products extend the widely used Ethernet protocol from the office to the harsh industrial environment. IP67-class protection safeguards critical networks against dirt, contaminants, and liquids, including immersion in 1 meter of water for up to 30 minutes. Materials are resistant to common industrial chemicals and operate consistently in a broad range of temperatures.

  • Wiring Devices
    Acenti® Triplex Receptacle
    Leviton Manufacturing Co.

    Accommodates three plugs simultaneously, including two transformer-style plugs, eliminating the need for a power strip or adapter. Top and bottom outlets are reversed so that transformer-style plugs can be plugged in without blocking the third outlet. The three outlets are integrated using an innovative internal buss design. Precision components ensure perfect alignment. 100% compatible with standard electrical boxes and requires no special tools for installation.
  • Wiring Systems
    Linkosity(TM) Wiring Systems
    Hubbell Wiring Device-Kellems

    LINKOSITY power system is a modular plug-and-play wiring method that enables fast installation and high performance for 20A and 30A circuits up to 600V. LINKOSITY components are re-configurable, factory-defined assemblies that are a cost-effective alternative to conventional wiring. Re-usability and simplified installation greatly reduces the long-term cost of ownership.
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