Dolphins Software Volts v3.34 Design Software

Dolphins Software Volts v3.34 Design Software

Category: Computers & Software
Volts is a database driven, fully integrated program which goes beyond simple number crunching. This software will enable users to handle a diversity of electrical devices, current and ground conductors, circuit breakers, transformers, generators, motors, branch circuits, conduit, junction boxes, cable trays and more, with the assurance of knowing the calculations are as specified and required by the 2005 NEC. Information and drawings derived form Volts' many preset reports, schedules and customizable report writers can be printed by any personal or network printer. Additionally, some reports can be exported directly to MS Excel® or a csv file format or and used by all Windows®-based database and spreadsheet applications or saved to disk in Volts' proprietary .elc file format.
Dolphins Software

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