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Tamper-resistant receptacle requirements

Q. When are tamper-resistant receptacles required?

A. The rule for tamper-resistant receptacles applies only to dwelling units. All 15A and 20A, 125V receptacles required in the following areas of a dwelling unit [210.52] must be listed as tamper-resistant [406.11]:

  • Wall space — 210.52(A)
  • Small-appliance circuit — 210.52(B)
  • Countertop space — 210.52(C)
  • Bathroom area — 210.52(D)
  • Outdoors — 210.52(E)
  • Laundry area — 210.52(F)
  • Basement, garage, and outbuildings — 210.52(G)
  • Hallways — 210.52(H)
Note: See 517.18(C) for tamper-resistant hospital-grade receptacles installed in pediatric locations in a general care area of a health-care facility.
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