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Q. What are the GFCI protection requirements for agricultural buildings wiring?

A. GFCI protection is required for all 15A and 20A, 125V, general-purpose receptacles (circuits are rated 120V and receptacles are rated 125V) located in the following areas [547.5(G)]:

  • In areas having an equipotential plane in accordance with 547.10(A).
  • Outdoors.
  • In damp or wet locations.
  • In dirt confinement areas for livestock.

GFCI protection is not required for a receptacle supplying a dedicated load where a 15A or 20A, 125V, GFCI-protected receptacle is located within 3 ft of the receptacle for the dedicated load. Dedicated loads include brooders, incubators, feed mixers, feed grinders, feed conveyors, and the like.

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