Code Q&A: Bonding Aboveground Pools

Your most pressing National Electrical Code (NEC) questions answered

Q. Do the equipotential bonding requirements of Part II of Art. 680 apply to storable swimming pools?

A. No. Electrical installations for storable pools must comply with Part I of Art. 680 [see 680.30]. They are not required to follow the equipotential bonding requirements of Part II. The requirements contained in Part I of Art. 680 include the locations of switches, receptacles, and luminaires.

A storable swimming pool is defined in 680.2 as an aboveground pool with a maximum water depth of 42 in. Storable pools are sold as a complete package that consists of the pool walls, vinyl liner, plumbing kit, and pump/filter device. Underwriters Laboratories, Inc. (UL) requires the pump/filter units to have a minimum 25-ft cord to discourage the use of extension cords.

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