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Code Q&A: Luminaire Requirements

Your most pressing National Electrical Code (NEC) questions answered

Q. What does the NEC allow when it comes to the connection of electric-discharge and LED luminaires?

A. Electric-discharge and LED luminaires supported independently of the outlet box must be connected to the branch circuit with a raceway, or with Types MC, AC, or NM cable [410.24(A)]. Electric-discharge luminaires can be cord-connected if the luminaires are provided with internal adjustments to position the lamp [410.62(B)]. Electric-discharge luminaires can be cord-connected if the cord is visible for its entire length and is plugged into a receptacle, and the installation complies with 410.62(C). When an electric-discharge or LED luminaire is surface mounted over a concealed outlet box, and not supported by the outlet box, the luminaire must be provided with suitable openings that permit access to the branch-circuit wiring within the outlet box [410.24(B)].

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