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EC&M On Air Highlights When to Replace Arc Flash Study Stickers

Dec. 11, 2023
In Episode 35 of EC&M On Air, we are featuring one of Tommy Northcott’s past popular EC&M Asks videos in an audio-only format.

In Episode 35 of “EC&M On Air,” a podcast series from EC&M magazine that shares industry intelligence, insights, and opinions on all topics electrical, Ellen Parson, editor-in-chief of EC&M, highlights a past popular video featuring subject matter expert Tommy Northcott in this audio-only format. Tommy addresses some of our readers’ most pressing questions about all things arc flash, including the common concern over how to deal instances when the arc flash study and posted stickers are out of date, how to ensure an electrically safe work condition, arc flash incident energy considerations, the difference between arc flash hazard and arc blast hazard, and what you can do to determine the arc flash hazard for DC systems and battery banks. 

About the Author

Tommy Northcott | Senior Power Engineer

Northcott earned a BS Degree in Electrical Engineering with an emphasis in Power Systems from Tennessee Technological University. He is a Professional Engineer licensed in the State of Tennessee, a Certified Reliability Leader, and a Certified Maintenance and Reliability Professional and is a current principle member on the NFPA 70B committee (Recommended Practice for Electrical Equipment Maintenance). Tommy has broad experience working with large electric utility systems as a Systems Engineer, Arc Flash Program Manager, Operations and Maintenance Manager, and Reliability Engineering Manager. Tommy has extensive experience in operations and maintenance of electrical equipment, performing arc flash analysis calculations, developing and conducting electrical safety training and developing company electrical safety standards to ensure OSHA and NFPA 70E compliance. Currently, Tommy is a Senior Power Engineer with Jacobs Technology Inc.

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