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EC&M On Air Podcast — The Top Safety Trends of 2022

March 18, 2022
In Episode 10, Ellen Parson speaks with Michelle Tinsley and Nathan Pentico about the latest safety trends in the construction industry that electrical workers need to know about.

In this episode of “EC&M  On Air,” Editor-in-Chief Ellen Parson discusses workplace safety concerns with Michelle Tinsley, chief operating officer and co-founder of YellowBird, and Nathan Pentico, EHSS manager at Dana Incorporated. They discuss how Yellowbird works with construction companies to ensure safe workplaces amid so many government regulation changes. Additionally, they also talk about how it matches certified environmental, health, and safety (EHS) workers for on-demand work to fill in gaps, build and implement training programs, investigate incidents, and file OSHA reports. Most importantly, they go over the top safety concerns electrical professionals need to plan for in 2022.

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