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Changes to the 2024 Revision of NFPA 70E

Feb. 6, 2024
The 2021 revision of NFPA 70E brought much-needed clarity but also much needed detail over the previous revision. The 2024 revision continued that effort.

If you became proficient with the 2021 revision, congratulations — but now you need to put a similar effort into becoming proficient with the 2024 revision. Below are some highlights to give you an idea of the sorts of changes you’ll find.

  • Article 100. Now instead of a short definition for “hazard” you encounter slightly more detailed definitions of “electric shock hazard” and of “electrical hazard.”
  • As with NFPA 70 (the NEC), definitions have been moved to Article 100. Or simply deleted. For example, in the 2021 revision section 340.2 defined “radiation worker”. The 2024 revision does not have this definition in Article 100 or in Article 340.
  • There’s greater consistency of structure. In the 2021 revision, many articles omitted a statement of scope. Now every article has a statement of scope, and it’s always Sec. 1. For example, Sec. 300.1 provides the statement of scope for Art. 300.
  • Several Articles have been extensively revised. The best example is arguably Art. 120, which addresses establishing an electrically safe work condition.
  • In the 2021 revision, the word “shock” was used to mean “electrical shock.” The 2024 version uses both words. This may strike many as redundant, since NFPA 70E is the standard for electrical safety in the workplace.
  • Article 220, Rotating Equipment, includes a new Section on terminal boxes.
  • In the 2021 revision, Art. 300, Introduction (to Chapter 3) included a section “Organization.” This is a quick overview of the Articles in Chapter 3. It’s redundant with the Table of Contents, and it’s been removed with the 2024 revision.
  • The Informational Note in Art. 320 contained a list of 12 additional references. With the 2024 revision, that list is now 15.
  • Article 330 (Safety-Related Work Practices: Lasers) has been extensively revised.
  • The scope of Art. 340 has been extended, with three more enumerated items added to the previous five.
  • You will find some changes in the Annexes, also. For example, Informative Annex C: Limits of Approach has a change to General Statement and a change to the final Section (regarding Column 4) — and it’s now shorter than the 2021 revision.
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