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Con Edison Researchers Win Honors for Safety Projects

Con Edison researchers have won prestigious industry awards for their work on projects to make the delivery of electricity safer and more reliable. The researchers each received the Technology Transfer Award from the Electric Power Research Institute (EPRI), a national energy research organization.

"We are in a constant and relentless search for technology and methods that can improve our service," said Craig Ivey, the president of Con Edison. "The men and women of Con Edison are proud to see members of our team recognized for research that will benefit the New Yorkers we feel privileged to serve."

The Con Edison winners included Dexter Newton, operating supervisor in Electrical Operations; Rashal Mahamud, associate engineer in Distribution Engineering; and Paul Richardson, district operator in System and Transmission Operations.

This group conducted research into using smart phone and tablet personal computer technology to detect contact voltage — also known as stray voltage — on urban streets. The technology could make it possible for a utility worker with a smart phone or tablet to detect contact voltage.

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