Crazy Wiring: Nepal Edition

By now you've probably viewed some of the crazy wiring photos we gathered from Bangkok and India (see links below to photo galleries). Another contender for worst electrical and telecommunication installations in the world is Nepal. Check out this set of insane images, and let us know which one you think is the most absurd by commenting in the box below the gallery tool. Are these worse than Bangkok and India? They're all so shocking — who can really say? Although the photos might be entertaining, the sad truth is they are real — and should remind us of the terrible infrastructure conditions that exist in certain parts of the world.


Crazy Wiring: India Edition

Crazy Wiring: Bangkok Edition

10 Craziest Code Violations of 2014

Hint: Can anyone say southern exposure?

The 10 Biggest Grounding Mistakes to Avoid

Failure to Install a Second Ground Rod Where Required


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