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Expert Witness Calculator Draws from Thousands of Real Cases

If you find yourself in need of an expert witness then get ready to shell out some serious dollars for their services. According to an expert witness fee calculator, an "electrical" expert witness in the New York area should receive about $250-300 per hour for review, deposition and court fees. The average fee for an "electrical" expert witness in Missouri is even more, according to the calculator, with a court fee of $349 per hour.

The Expert Institute features a fee calculator on its site designed to help attorneys and potential experts access transparent fee data for experts in more than 150 different specialty areas. The fee data that powers the calculator is drawn from more than 20,000 engagements in which The Expert Institute has paired attorneys with subject matter experts for consultation and retention, as well as information drawn from our network of practicing expert witnesses.

Some experts list their rates as flat fees or day rates, especially for deposition and trial testimony. In those cases, day rates, flat fees, and half-day rates are represented in the calculator data by an hourly figure derived from a standard 8 hour work day.

Unlike other expert fee reports, the data that powers our calculator is derived from real world expert witness engagements facilitated by The Expert Institute, making it more accurate and comprehensive than self-selected survey data.

The overwhelming majority of experts who are paired with attorneys through The Expert Institute are practicing professionals who do not advertise their services as expert witnesses. In addition, these experts may only testify on one to five cases annually due to their careers as academic department heads, industry leaders, and medical chiefs, and can command higher fees than their less-qualified counterparts.

The Expert Institute site also features FAQs and information if you are interested in charging for your services an expert.


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