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IEEE to Publish 2017 Preprint of National Electrical Safety Code for Comment in Its 100th Year

The 2017 NESC Preprint is currently available for pre-order at a 25 percent discount through Aug. 31, 2014.

The IEEE Standards Association will publish and open for commentary a preprint of proposed changes to the 2017 Edition of the National Electrical Safety Code (NESC). The 2017 NESC Preprint is currently available for pre-order at a 25 percent discount through Aug. 31, 2014.

One hundred years after the NESC was first introduced in August 1914, it stands as one of the most widely adopted safety codes.

“Every minute of every day, utility professionals in the United States and around the world are working on equipment and facilities in an energized state. There is no other option, as uninterrupted electrical power is simply a requirement of public safety and global commerce in today’s world,” said Mike Hyland, NESC chair and senior vice president at the American Public Power Association. “Steadily refined over 100 years, the NESC is a fundamental element in the culture of safety that has gathered across electric power utility. The work to enhance and update the Code continues today, and the success of the effort is quantifiable.”

In preparation for the publication of the 2017 Edition of NESC on Aug. 1, 2016, IEEE-SA will open the eight-month commentary period Sept. 1, 2014-May 1, 2015 to allow interested parties to review, affirm or suggest additional changes to the code proposals, revising the NESC 2012 edition. Following the open commentary period, NESC Subcommittees will review all recommendations concerning the proposed amendments and prepare the final report.

For NESC to continue to be realistic, practical and useful, it is important for utilities, contractors, manufacturers, regulators, and others to participate in the revision process.

As the secretariat for the NESC, the IEEE provides a home for the NESC Committee and supports its activities with a full range of administrative, logistical, publishing and other services. The IEEE also gives users comprehensive support in obtaining, understanding and working with the Code.

To celebrate the 100th anniversary of the NESC, IEEE-SA has published an infographic, which chronicles significant technological advancements and milestones in the electricity industry that have occurred in the last century.


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