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Leviton Educates Homeowners on Safe DIY Electrical Wiring

Online tools including tutorial videos, blog posts, customer testimonials and more teach homeowners safe home electrical wiring practices

Leviton is launching a series of online educational tools designed to teach homeowners how to safely complete their own electrical wiring projects. Each month, Leviton will detail new projects, blog posts and videos highlighting different electrical solutions, codes and products as well as installations and safety tips. Housed at LearnitatLeviton.com, the online learning tools expand Leviton's long-standing commitment to safety and education.

"Customer safety has always been a priority for Leviton, and we take great pride in educating those who are interested in safely completing their own electrical wiring projects," said Jay Sherman, Leviton's director of residential marketing. "Today's homeowners are more likely to complete DIY projects, and since they are turning to the Internet for instruction, Leviton committed to help ensure safe and proper installation through our series of online resources at LearnitatLeviton.com."

The new online educational resources available to homeowners at LearnitatLeviton.com include:

Project of the Month Video Series: Each month, Leviton will introduce an electrical upgrade project to help improve home safety, save energy and enhance decor with the Project of the Month video series. Examples of projects that will be featured include replacing existing switches with dimmer switches, installing self-test GFCI receptacles, humidity sensors and timers and updating electrical devices for a more modern aesthetic around the home. Videos include product information and installation tips.

How-To Videos: Homeowners can find step-by-step instructional videos to learn how to upgrade the electrical devices in their homes by installing the latest products, such as AFCIs, GFCIs, dimmers, humidity sensors and more, to help improve home safety, save energy and enhance decor.

Tech Talk Blog: Homeowners can learn about the inner workings of the electrical devices they are installing in their homes on the Tech Talk Blog. Each month, the Tech Talk blog will feature details about how a different electrical device works, such as how a universal dimmer works compared to a standard dimmer.

Proper Termination Practice Videos: Homeowners can reference the Proper Termination Practice videos to learn more safety tips and best practices for safely working with the electrical devices in their homes.

Customer Testimonial Videos: Customers and industry experts will be featured in videos discussing their favorite Leviton products and solutions in different settings so homeowners are able to reference a variety of viewpoints when learning about Leviton's products.

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