Milwaukee High Demand 9.0 Battery Pack

Milwaukee Tool Expands Warnings, Instructions for M18 HIGH DEMAND 9.0 Battery Pack

Highly conductive or corrosive fluids can enter battery pack, causing failure

Milwaukee Tool, in consultation with the CPSC, has voluntarily expanded the warnings and instructions regarding the company’s M18 HIGH DEMAND 9.0 battery pack (model no. 48-11-1890). Although this safety notice doesn’t call for users to return their M18 HIGH DEMAND 9.0 battery packs, the expanded product warnings address situations that could lead to a battery pack failure and/or other safety hazards.

According to the company, highly conductive or corrosive fluids, (e.g., seawater, certain industrial chemicals, and bleach/bleach-containing products) that could enter the battery pack in sufficient quantities may cause battery pack failure. Failure can include short circuit, which, in an extreme situation, can result in smoking or fire — even when not in use.

Milwaukee Tool is urging its customers to download, read, and understand the expanded warnings and instructions in their entirety at Here, they can also find frequently asked questions and answers.

Customers who believe highly conductive or corrosive fluids have entered their battery pack should immediately contact Milwaukee Tool at 1-844-577-5515 (7 a.m. to 10 p.m. EST, Sunday through Saturday).

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