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EC&M On Air Highlights Listing Requirements for Electrical Equipment with Eddie Guidry

Jan. 8, 2024
In Episode 37, we highlight an audio-only version of Eddie Guidry's popular EC&M Asks video.

In Episode 37 of “EC&M On Air,” Ellen Parson, editor-in-chief of EC&M highlights some of the most popular technical content we’ve been running recently, but this time brought to you in audio-only form. In case you missed it, this content was originally brought to you in our EC&M Asks Q&A video series. This week, we’re featuring subject matter expert Eddie Guidry, who addresses some of our readers’ most pressing questions about listing requirements for code compliance with electrical equipment. The main question is must all electrical items be listed, NRTL listed (which is a nationally recognized testing laboratory), or UL listed to be NEC and OSHA compliant? Eddie breaks down those questions and provides practical answers. He also discusses some of the errors made in language when it comes to specifications on electrical equipment, why there are no “blanket” requirements, examples from the field, and common misconceptions in this area. 

About the Author

Ellen Parson | Editor-in-Chief - EC&M

Ellen Parson is the Editor-in-Chief for EC&M. She has a journalism degree from the University of Missouri-Columbia. She's been a business-to-business writer and editor for more than 25 years, most of which have been covering the construction and electrical industries. Contact her at [email protected].

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