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Ten Shock and Fire Hazards Hidden in Plain Sight

LED lamps are increasingly being embraced by more and more consumers. Converting old tungsten filament incandescent lamps to new LED lamps is a simple process of removing the old lamp and installing the new one. But in reality, many times when you remove the glass globe from the old ceiling-mounted luminaire, you may be surprised by what you find.

Years of using oversized wattage lamps in enclosed ceiling-mounted luminaires may have caused serious damage to the fixture’s parts, including its wiring and even the building wiring in the ceiling outlet box. Improper repairs to the luminaires over the years and removal of heat-reducing insulation pads may have increased the fire and shock risks. In addition to providing an energy-efficient lighting installation, damage from years of disregard for the unit’s thermal limits may need to be corrected to provide a shock and fire safe installation for the future.

For a condensed, non-technical version of this article for sharing with homeowners, click here.


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