Alabama Father Electrocuted in Residential Pool, Son Seriously Injured Source: WAFF

Alabama Father Electrocuted in Residential Pool, Son Seriously Injured

Father electrocuted; son seriously injured in residential pool

On Friday, May 19, a Florence, Ala., man was killed and his wife and son were hospitalized after they received an electric shock at in a pool at a home on Augusta Street.

According to news reports, Florence police say Carl McGrady, 65, was electrocuted shortly before 1 p.m. after entering his pool to begin cleaning it. Seeing that his father was having a medical emergency, McGrady's son, Lucas, jumped into the pool to save him and was shocked as well.

Pam, their mother/wife, was also hurt while helping Lucas remove Carl from the pool. Sources say she was treated and released.

Rescue crews responded to the call of a possible drowning. When they first arrived, officers said both men were outside the pool unresponsive. They were taken to ECM Hospital.

Hospital spokeswoman Melissa Watkins confirmed the father died that Friday night and that the son was in serious condition.

Police, firefighters, and utility crews are investigating how it happened. Police believe an electrical short may be responsible. The incident is believed to be accidental.

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