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Pennsylvania Town Closes Pool After Shocks Reported

The Belvidere town council authorized $75,000 in emergency repairs after the incident.

A town in Pennsylvania shut down its pool early last month when a patron reported feeling electrical currents while sitting on the pool deck. The Belvidere town council authorized $75,000 in emergency repairs after the incident. Electrical engineers said the pool deck was improperly bonded, according to a report from Lehigh Valley Live.

JCP&L and electrical contractors disagree on the source of the stray voltage. According to the report, "electrical engineers concluded the voltage is likely leaking from the nearby JCP&L substation."

But JCP&L said the substation is unlikely to blame for the problem. "We are aware of the issue and are working toward a solution with the (town) to resolve the issue," JCP&L spokesman Ron Morano said. "Several inspections and tests give no indication that the substation is the cause of the problem, however JCP&L continues to work with the (town) to resolve the issue and maintain a dialogue to find a solution."

The pool liner is compromising the bonding system, according to town pool commission Chairwoman Kim Beaney. She has proposed improving the pool to make it safe regardless of the role of the JCP&L substation, Lehigh Valle Live reported.

Electrical contractor Jack Shade inspected the pool and re-bonding work prior to opening the pool this season. He doubted re-bonding the pool deck would fix the problem. "I don't think you're going to get rid of" the voltage, he said. "The electrical company needs to do something. I would really like to see everybody here get their money, but someone better guarantee it."

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