Is My Backup Generator Protected? How to Safeguard Residential and Commercial Investments

March 1, 2024

When most homeowners think about preparing for a power outage, the packing list is simple: flashlight, candles, portable charger, first aid kit, bottled water, maybe a deck of playing cards… However, with home power generator sales on the rise, being “prepared” is a little more complex than simply stashing an emergency kit in the closet.

While installing a backup generator is an excellent way to prepare for power grid issues and weather-related outages, many homeowners (and business owners) overlook the importance of pairing that generator with robust surge protection. Without it, the generator may fail prematurely and/or leave valuable appliances and electronics vulnerable to damaging electrical transients. 

SMART GUARD® and PANELGUARD® Surge Protective Devices (SPDs) by Intermatic protect against harmful transients that can damage electrical devices when generators turn on after a power loss. The SPDs can be placed at the main entrance panel and at the automatic transfer switch for a multi-tiered defense at startup and power down.

Download: Automatic Transfer Switch (ATS) Surge Protection

Keeping the Business (or Facility) Running

Although backup generators have been a common feature in many large-scale commercial and public sectors (e.g., shopping malls, hospitals, schools, etc.) for decades, the same need for advanced surge protection remains. 

Like residential power generators, commercial and industrial power generators are vulnerable to transient activity. Placing surge protection, like PANELGUARD®, on the primary side of the automatic transfer switch (ATS) is the ideal location to protect sensitive electronics, machinery, and equipment. For heavy-duty industrial applications, business owners and operators may also want to consider a customized PANELGUARD+ SPD, which can deliver up to 10 modes of protection (Type 1 and Type 2).

Ready to safeguard your next residential or commercial electrical project with a surge protection solution? Contact the Intermatic team today to get started. 

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